Friday, January 1, 2010


Today marks the start of a New Year, and a very exciting year I hope it will be:) My New Year's Resolution is to keep my blog updated since I didn't stay committed to my last one... so here's to a new start!

Not only is today a new year, but a new decade. A chance to have a fresh start and for the Hubs and I, a year of many new things. We will become home-owners this year and I absolutely cannot wait. Our realtor has suggested we start the process as of the "first of the year" so that means it's about time to jump on the house-hunting train and all the other non-exciting stuff that goes with it! Fortunately David is much more knowledgeable on the financial side of things because it is definitely a drag for me and I am dreading going through all the paperwork, approval process, etc... The interior designer in me though is already planning every room in my head and ohhhh the painting I look forward to! Renting feels like such a restriction when everything you do must pass through the landlord first...BOO.

Can't wait to post a blog in the future about Our First Home!


  1. Aww! This is so neat! And if you need any help with your future new home, please let me know! I'm practically an expert painter of rooms since I've done it like a million times :) Happy New Year!!! I'm so happy I could end 2009 with you and can't wait to see what's in store for 2010!

  2. Welcome back!! I've missed ya in the blogging world!
    Dont forget I have worked as and with realtors, with a loan officer and am a title agent, let me help if I can with the house stuff!!

  3. thank you girls!! ya'll are so sweet to offer to help:) can't wait for the time to come!!



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