Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hanging in There

Well still no luck on the house front. I’ll admit we have been being pretty picky about what we are looking for and I think we may have to really start compromising on some things. The main difficulty we’re having is location. In the area we are looking, there is not a lot for sale or there are things for sale that are not worth the money. Decisions decisions…

In other news, we are officially moved out of our Quad. We miss it a lot more than we thought we would, plus there’s attachment because it was “Our First Place”. I am very thankful though that it was a smooth transaction with our wonderful renters. They will be moving in this weekend so I’m very excited for them and to see the place once it’s decorated how they want it! Here are some pictures of the moving process. The one of Remi on the boxes cracks me up! The story is his toy basket was stacked up amongst the boxes that were piled in the living room and I turn around to find him like this!
Here's some other moving pics: David finding a small corner to eat at!
And here's David trying to convince Remi to go into his new crate!

I guess he figured they had been mis-placed and he was going up to get them! Too funny…
Things are going good in other areas of my life. My job is still going great although I am beginning to look for a new position just based on the fact that my current position does not offer benefits. I am really hoping to find something in Biology though because I really do love what I do and would love to be doing something very similar in the future. If times get tough or I have trouble finding something else though, I’ll be resorting to another field which I hope will be the last resort. Being a Bio major was the best thing I ever did and I would love to continue to use it!
Umm…what else what else…oh yeah, ordering my Bridesmaid dress this weekend for my SIL’s wedding. It’s super duper cute and I’ll be happy to add it to my wardrobe after the wedding is over:)

Other than that all is well and just steady House-Hunting & looking forward to Renee’s baby shower this weekend!

Agenda for tonight is head over to the in-laws tonight for Chinese & spending time with the Hubs & the Pup :)

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  1. Happy to see your post!! :) So sorry the house hunt isn't going like yall planned. It will get better though, I promise. LOVE the pics...aren't dogs too funny!?!?! I feel ya on the job front, I can't seem to stop worrying about mine but there is no reason because what is meant to be is meant to be and it will work out. Can't wait to see ya tomorrow and I'm super DUPER excited about the baby shower! :)



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