Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feelin' Discouraged...

I loooove this show! I'm sure you've seen it, "ding dong" is how it starts and I know I have approximately 22 minutes of bliss while I watch. I don't know what it is about being at the different phases of your life and the shows that relate to it, but I tell ya they're addicting! When I was engaged I couldn't get enough of wedding shows but now that I'm married I have hardly seen any! Now that we're official House Hunters ourselves, this is my favorite show:) Our TV might as well only have one channel, HGTV.

Now on another note, I would like to know how many houses people on this show look at before they purchase their home. You know, before they narrow it down to the three? David and I both thought that this house hunting process would be a lot easier but we're finding that that's not the case:/ So many houses that we have had high hopes for, we have been let down by in a matter of minutes after walking through the doors. Wanna know why? RENTERS. By gosh 90% of the houses we have looked at are all or have been occupied by renters and let me tell you, the owners are doing themselves a huge disgrace by putting these places up for sale in the conditions they're in. One owner we have talked to said anything we wanted fixed he would make it happen, but if he's planning to do that anyway, why not do that now and try to sell it so a buyer can see it's full potential? I just don't get stinks!

We have one we LOVE and one we like but of course the one we love is the most expensive. go figure!

And this is kind of what we've been feeling like:

Okay so the places we have been looking at aren't that bad but sometimes you feel that way! And it's actually quite fun when you actually find something you like! But it's like you want me to pay THIS for THAT?! Oh well...patience is a virtue. So patient we will be until we find the one!

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  1. 188,093,000 that is how many they look at before they even GET one the show. Then the 3 nice homes they show on TV are the TOP three they then pick THE ONE from. :) it is a LONG process particularly if you have a "Must have" list. So just hang tight and dont let it get you down. There is a PEEERRRRFECT house for the James' out there and yall will find it! :)



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