Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I had quite a few pictures to add to a new post, but i am having computer space problems and a dead camera battery so go figure!

This weather has been pretty crazy for sure, this morning my parents pond was frozen! It was pretty cool, but unfortunately not frozen enough to slide/skate on it like I wanted to:/

Well here's the news on the House front: In order to get out of our lease we either had to pay it off or find a renter. Fingers crossed everything goes through with our new renter (you know who you are and we can't thank you enough!!). It was an answer to our prayers for sure because goodness knows we didn't want to have to pay out the end of the lease.

Yesterday was our first official day of house hunting. We were super excited and had fun but unfortunately didn't find anything yesterday that we want to really consider. We were bummed big time because 3 of our top 5 picks to go and view did not happen because the renters that are currently occupying those houses were not cooperating and letting us view the houses. Pretty bad for the seller that's for sure. But luckily we have a great Realtor and she is going to notify the Owner on Monday and try and get us in there ASAP!

Kim (sis-in-law) was in town this weekend and it was good spending some time with her and doing some wedding stuff! Remember her wedding is in April in St. Augustine and I can't wait! Plus it's been several years since I've been to St. Augustine so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

We've got chili on the stove, a fire going & my snuggie: love sunday evenings at home!


  1. Ahhhh, sounds so cozy! The house hunt will come along, and sOOO GLAD to hear the renter part is coming through as well. Praying for ya that everything works out! :)

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