Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exciting things!

Just a few things in the near future that make me giddy:

1. My sister-in-law Kimberly has asked me to be in her April 17th wedding, yay! It's going to be in St. Augustine, which I haven't visited since the school trip in 4th grade. I am pretty darn excited!
2. Tomorrow we have our first meeting with a lender about getting pre-approved to buy a home! It's so exciting that we are actually starting the process and will no longer just be talking about it.
3. We don't have to buy a new washing machine like we thought we might have to do last night. I came home from work and attempted to start a load of laundry...with no luck. The water wouldn't come out AT ALL. I turned and pushed buttons with no luck. Well when David got home I broke the news that I can't get the washer to work. Of course he panicked because Mr. Finance didn't plan on buying a new washer just yet. And goodness knows he is good at many things but being a handy fix-it man isn't really one of them. So he played with it, got a little forceful with some buttons/knobs/etc... and whoo hoo! Water flow! We were both doing the happy dance because 1)don't have to buy a new washer yet & 2) David fixed it! haha Also, just for a little background, we bought our washer and dryer from the last renters for cheap so it is probably from the 80s, you know it, the brown & tan colored ones?! it's due to die anytime now, but let's hope it lasts a little while longer!
4. A very dear friend of mine is having a baby boy in just a few short months and some of us girlies are throwing her a baby shower! I'm super excited for her and for the shower, it should be fun! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Baby Brody to get here!

Last but not least, I am loving this cold sunny weather! I know many people hate it but I just loooove it. As long as it's sunny! Fingers crossed for snow on Friday! I told David I'd be taking a Snow Day even it just flurried:)

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