Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is Full of Decisions

About a month ago I interviewed for a position down the hall from my Lab and yesterday got a call offering me the job. I have to admit I had been dreading the call because I was not looking forward to making a decision about it if I were to be given the offer. When the number finally popped up on my phone yesterday my heart dropped. You see I absolutely love my job now but since I am working under a grant it will actually be up towards the end of this year so I am starting to keep my eye out for something now. Start early ya know? Well the other job had more cons than pros but the one pro was a big one, one that I don’t have at my job now. BUT, taking the other job would also mean a big salary decrease but provide me with job security. Tough choice? For me, yes.
So anywho, I was dreading having to make a decision, but after careful consideration and lots of discussion with my other half, I decided to not accept the offer. Talk about a scary decision:/ I hope I won’t be kicking myself later but I just had a gut feeling that it wasn’t right for me. Not to mention the work environment is pretty dangerous. It was in the Bureau of Petroleum Inspection and boiling gasoline would have been part of my job!
All night I was nervous about making the call to the lady to decline it but I finally got up the nerve and now it’s over and done with and I can enjoy my Friday without being anxious all day!So for now it’s still more “keeping my eye out” and hoping that another, BETTER opportunity arises.


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  1. It is always hard may those choices, but you have to go with your gut and trust that it will lead you in the right direction. The thing with the state just never know what will happen! Glad you made a choice that you are comfy with. Hope you have a great weekend, its SOOOOOO nice out there!



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