Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up and House Update

I know it’s now Tuesday but I figured I’d still talk about our weekend. It wasn’t too eventful but Saturday David and his Dad started building a new rabbit cage for our bunnies to take with us when we move. The one they have now is awesome but it’s pretty big and he wanted to downsize a little. It’s coming along well and should be done by this weekend!

Sunday my brother and I went to the FSU baseball game. The weather was gorgeous but chilly! A co-worker of David’s had given him his tickets which were located in the grand stands. They were great seats but we were in the shade and the breeze was blowing and it wasn’t too fun. We ended up leaving in the bottom of the fifth because the game wasn’t too exciting and it was just too dang cold.

Now to some more exciting news, last night we were able to get both of our parents in to look at a house we’d been wanting to put an offer on. We had been trying to get in for some time and the renters finally let us in, and then we had to wait yet again to get our parents in to see it. But long story short, we put an offer on it!! Yay! We are supposed to hear a yes or no by 5:00 today so we’ll see what happens. I’m writing this on my lunch break so by the time I post this tonight I’ll be adding an update to this post…hopefully we can call it ours soon!!

***UPDATE***As of two hours ago we counter offered the counter offer...hopefully it's accepted:/

To make a happy evening (last night) turn in to a bit of a bummer, my brother who goes to TCC came out of his class to leave and found that someone had tried to steal his Jeep. The key hole on the door had been tampered with/broken & then the whole bottom half of the steering wheel was missing with the ignition key hole damaged and wires and electronic stuff sticking out…I hate this for him. For those of you that know my brother, he’s just a quiet kid who doesn’t bother anyone and just does his own thing. He didn’t deserve this and I hope that whoever did it, Karma catches up with them. I hate the way the world is these days…here’s his steering wheel


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