Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (almost) Friday!

We're going furniture "looking" (hopefully shopping!) this weekend and I'm super duper excited. I have so many ideas in mind and I can't wait to buy some stuff and make them come to life. I feel like we should order things now so they come in just in time for closing, but I guess we'll just have to see...I really want a cozy-chic house and I found this living room today that I LOVE. Ours would never be this "formal" I guess you could call it, but I hope it's got this feel, like you could curl up and read a book on that couch!
I am also FINALLY getting wedding pictures printed. I have been dreading loading them online to get them printed but I finally sat down tonight and they're loading right now, all 233 of them. Thanks Brett! I bought a fun photo album a while back just for them and I am looking forward to filling it.

Well that's it, nothing too exciting. I'm off to attempt a DIY Up-Do for Kim's wedding. Goodness knows my cheap hubby wants me to be successful! haha...



  1. Your welcome! :) I'm glad you are getting pictures printed, too many people these days just hang onto digital files.... including myself, maybe soon I can get some prints done to decorate the house with.

  2. Love love LOVE that living room picture/idea! I would totally come over and curl up on that sofa with you (and Remi :) and read a book!! Happy Friday!!

  3. That is a pretty living room, and while I would NOT read a book (bc you know I do not like to read :) I would surely play with Remi in that living room while you and Linds read a book ;) cant wait to see your new home and help ya decorate (if you need help)!



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