Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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I don’t have a lot to blog about so this is going to be kind of an all over post!

Anybody have any suggestions on where they might have gotten ideas for decorating your house? I absolutely can’t wait to paint and buy furniture for our house, but I am so worried about getting it done and not liking it or it not “going together good”. I am obsessed with HGTV and try to pick up tips from them but I like color but don’t want it to look like a circus. Just wanted to see if anyone has any tips for a successfully decorated house?! Oh and if you got good deals on new furniture, let me know where you went shopping!

Also, I am in kind of a rut and looking for some new music suggestions. I love listening to my ipod in the car because the radio allllways plays the same 5 songs it seems, so if anyone has any songs or artists that they really like I would love to hear what they are! One new song I am liking right now is “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum. I love that group! “Need You Now” is another one of my favorites…John Mayer’s song “Who Says” is also one I really like. But the songs on my ipod get old quick too because I put them on repeat it seems when I have one I really love!

Nothing much else going on. Work is going good, today I got a sample in that REEKED. I about gagged and took it to my boss with a smile and said here smell this! He about puked as well, it was pretty dang funny and it stunk up the whole surrounding area so much that I had to Clorox all the surfaces. Oh just another day at work!

I’m looking forward to some warm weather and I am so ready to go to the beach. It’s been too long:/ Hopefully I can kick my butt in gear soon and be semi-ready for a bathingsuit…sure ain’t ready right now!

PS- Don’t forget to wear your green tomorrow on Ye Old St. Patty’s day:)



  1. We got our Furniture from Ashleys across from Sams.. not the cheapest, but they have special deals here and there that can help ease the pain..Costco and Sams both carry some furniture this time of the year that are pretty damn nice for the price. As for other household things... i know Bed Bath and Beyond has the best selection of that stuff but we learned the hard way that after decorating 1 bathroom from BB&B and 1 Bathroom from Target .. that we wasted A LOT of money on the BB&B bathroom. Unfortunately there is no avoiding the BB&B completely due to their selection and awesome decorations, so a couple suggestions for them:
    1)most people don't know that you can use multiples of those sweet 20% off coupons on every item you have.. so if you have lots of friends and family that dont need theirs when they get it in the mail have them give them to you.. no joke, you can walk in but 10 items and hand the cashier 10 20% off coupons regardless of the name on them.
    2)Go to BB&B's website and sign up for email offers.. first thing they do is send you a 20% off coupon
    3)any time you buy something expensive during a time that you didn't happen to have a coupon you can go back to the store when you get one with your receipt and use the coupon to get the difference back.

    Also go to the post office sometime and ask the guy at the counter for one of the "change of address" kits (you need to do that anyways) and the packet will be full of coupons for Bestbuy, Lowes, ect. some of them are good for 10% off your whole purchase.
    Can't wait to have you as a neighbor, we intentionally drove past your house today on the way home.. very nice curb appeal and the neighborhood was hopping with children and people playing in the streets .. i practically had to slalom down the street to avoid all of the activities lol

  2. What I'm listening to lately (in addition to "American Honey".. I love that one too!):

    "Hey,Soul Sister" by Train
    "A Little More Country Than That" by Easton Corbin
    "Keep On Lovin' You" by Steel Magnolia
    "Baby" by Justin Bieber
    "Who I Am" by Nick Jonas and the Administration
    (those last two are my guilty pleasures and I'm almost embarrassed to admit I like them.. haha)
    And I really like that New York song Jay-Z and Alicia Keys have out thats kinda old (and played all the time). I like it though because it reminds me of my trip and makes me wanna go back up there!

    Hope this helps! Linds :)

  3. There are some awesome blogs out there that I love for design ideas: younghouselove.com, desiretoinspire.net(you can search tons of ideas by room when you click labels), newlyweddiaries.blogspot.com, blog.urbangrace.com, apartmenttherapy.com; actually there are tons more, just look. Also you can just go to flickr.com and type in what idea you need like "master bedroom" or "guest bath" lots of pictures come up you can look at

    Hope that helps!

  4. I went to Kirklands and fell in love with just about everything in there. Kirklands has a lot of really good decorations, if you find like a really pretty pic or something you could use that to help you find paint colors. As far as music, I am not much help! Haha, I just purchased my first iPod and am LOVING it just going through the same thing you are, can't find new music. Hope this helps!



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