Saturday, January 1, 2011


First things first, Happy New Year!

Boy oh boy has it been a whirlwind past couple of days around here. Lots of shopping, eating, family time, cricut-ing, bon-firing, and relaxing! I've been off since Wednesday and I am not lookinf forward to returning Monday:/

Anywho, what have I been up to lately? Not blogging, sorry about that. I planned to have extra time on my hands which would mean more blogging, but instead it has meant doing a lot of the "-ing" mentioned above!

Let's see, I am LOVING my cricut, and so far I've made:

A monogram-ish car decal.

Street address numbers for our front door. (Sorry for the quality, taken by phone!)

"Keep Calm and Craft On" Sticker for my cricut;)

Letter to be framed on my collage wall.

So I am learning my machine and oh-so-excited everytime I complete a new project.

My Mom put the sprinkler on a tree the other night and we had an ice forest!

We also played some croquet.

And had the annual game gift.

And last night was New Years!

Sorry to wrap up quick, I'm off to wrap bacon wrapped cabbage to go with tonight's ribs and potatoes:)

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