Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Waiting!

…Anxiously Cricut! It’s been a week since I ordered it, and I cannot WAIT for it to get here! I know it’s for Christmas, but knowing that it’s not in my possession yet is killing me…it’s literally all I can think about I’m so dadgum excited to play with it!

…Anxiously awaiting…the Christmas Decorations to be completed at our house! Yesterday we got our tree up, but while I was supposed to be working on the tree, I got caught up helping David on the outside lights. Can I say what a pain?! Our house is the only one in the neighborhood with a pergola…meaning, we can’t get to the peaks on the roof without getting ON the roof because the pergola is in front of the house and you can’t get to the front peaks. No ladder access made for a very difficult time with the blasted icicle lights! We ended up having to make an equipment run because our (David’s) roof method only worked for a small part of it before it was too steep for one to safely venture out on…after an unsuccessful stop at Wal-Mart, we headed to Lowe’s. Bring in, a Christmas light hanging pole! Although we were able to complete the hanging with the use of this, BOY was it a double pain!
This is David doing the Clark Griswold thing…light hanging, hanging onto the roof for dear life.

Look at the top peak in the next picture... do ya see him?

So, by the time we finished fighting the lights, it was time to get ready for our Christmas card pics so we wrapped it up for the day. They aren’t plugged in yet because we have a lot left to do and it’s going to take some intense planning to run all those extension cords. So as of now we have an unlit/undecorated tree, and half decorated house. Anxious to get it done & be able to enjoy it!

Here's some pics from our trip to Lowe's to get the tree! My fam got theirs too so we all went together:)

Oh and since I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing an entire holiday décor post, for now, here’s what the house is looking like in it’s Christmas glory! :)

Picked up this pristine version of "A Christmas Carol" at Goodwill for 5 bucks. Score!

This is how someone feels about more pictures being taken of him:

Haha, poor Rem!

…Anxiously awaiting…our Christmas cards! Yesterday we met up with Brett & Lynn so Brett could snap a few pics for us. (I hope y’alls turned out great too!) Brett has a fancy dancy camera and also did our Wedding & Engagement pictures. He pretty much rocks! Look him up at his website Svenson Images. So we went to Lake Monkey business in Killearn (which I never knew was there) and it was so pretty! Pretty place, funny name! It was a lake with a peninsula in the middle. The sun was starting to go down in the sky, the water was as smooth as glass and we saw quite the herd of deer! Then of course there was the James’ disturbing the peace with our wheezing-choking-himself-to-death-dog trying to get into the water and explore. Thanks guys for putting up with our antics! Gah! Our pictures turned out GREAT and I can’t wait to share our finished card :) I ordered them last night (thanks to the shutterfly promo) and can’t wait for them to come in. Here’s some of our other favorite shots from the day.

Trying to wrestle Remi into a sitting. He was over pictures by now. The water was calling him!
Much better!

I’ll withhold our final choice so those that we send them to get to at least see a different picture and the design we chose:)

…Anxiously awaiting…the Jingle Bell Run & Market Days! Both are happening this weekend and I am SO excited. The Jingle Bell Run starts off the Winter Parade and my Mom, Dad and I are going to be participating this year. I’ve never done it before but I have been equipped (thanks to the registration fee) with a long sleeve jingle bell run t-shirt (love it), santa hat, glow necklace, and a bell for my shoes. David used to work for the city so he still sometimes helps out when the big events roll around. Well he was going to work until he found out the Noles are going to the ACC Championship! He is now not working it and is trying to find a way to Charlotte this weekend. Oh my! Cole will be working it though as he currently works for the city. It should be fun!!

Market Days happens every year at the Fair Grounds. It’s a huge event full of vendors selling all kinds of goodies. My Mom and I go every year usually with my Aunt & Grandma and I can’t wait to see what I can find this year!


  1. Thanks for the plug :P It was fun.... glad you like them :)

  2. Can't wait for Market Days and the lighting festival as well!!! Love the pics of the house, Clark himself ;) and the lake pics!!! Your card is going to look awesome and I cannot wait to see it...hope I get one :) the blog looks great a Christmasy...I'm on to finish my blog post and begin searching for a new layout myself. LOOOOOOOVE all the Christmas decorations the house looks great! :)

  3. love, love, LOVE the whimsical stocking on the side of the cabinet - very Dr. Suess (and I mean that in a good way)! The house is looking good! We got a tree Sunday but its still naked! I was waiting on the limbs to "fall" and get full after being wrapped up, ya know but this week has been hectic and I haven't had time to string some lights in it yet. You should've seen my car when we picked it up - they strapped it to the roof of my honda! It was pretty funny looking (or at least to me)! Haha! And the lake pictures turned out GREAT! (Good job, Brett, as usual!) I need to get a good photo of Joseph, Bailey, and I for the Christmas cards.. if not, I may just let Ash use my free promo seeing as how I don't have a camera anymore :( But it definitely is in my letter to Santa this year! Have a great day!!



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