Thursday, October 6, 2011

If anyone is still reading...

It’s not worth apologizing. So I won’t. My bad on the slacking, again. Whoopsie.
I’ve been busy traveling for work, meeting deadlines, enjoying the fabulous Fall weather, traveling for fun, crafting, taking pictures, doing nothing, living life.

Earlier this week I was in Panama City for a conference. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I got there Monday and went straight to Pier Park, awesome shopping place! I got some goodies and had to burn some time because check in wasn’t until 4. I checked in and spent about a half hour on the beach before going down to help with the conference setup. But the nice ladies had it all under control and I had the evening to myself. I did get upgraded to a fabulous condo too. Thanks to the kind folks at the University of Florida staff who thought I deserved it. I guess. I had a beautiful view and lots of time to enjoy it seeing as I was laid up on the couch or plastered to a patio chair trying to stay away from hugging the toilet. Yeah, I woke up throwing up the first morning of the conference, went to as much of it I could muster, then spent the afternoon in my room repeating the throw up process. No bueno. I don’t know if it was a 24 hour bug or something I ate. I had Cici’s the night before. Not saying it was Cici’s, but when you get sick, like throwing up sick, don’t you want to never ever eat again what you did right before you started vomiting? That’s how it is for me. Bleck. PS, nothing says loser status like going to an all you can eat Pizza Buffet place, BY YOURSELF. Four slices of pizza ( dipped in ranch), a large salad, two cokes and two cinnabons might be why I got sick. No different than my usual Cici’s outing though so I’m just not sure where the bug came from. Bad ranch? Bad meat? Who knows. At least it was good while I was eating it.

Fast forward to 4:15 am, I slept with my balcony doors open to hear the waves and feel the breeze. And I wake up to a bird flying through my room and smacking into a wall. Lovely. I rally said bird into bathroom and catch it with a towel and toss it back out of the door. True story.

I made it through the second day which thankfully only went until noon and then I got to make the drive home. Then I had to go into work at 4:45 when I got back because I had to return the state car so it could be checked out this morning to another group. Which means I actually found work to do for 15 minutes cause I couldn’t just dump the car, toss the keys and leave. Fun stuff.

Anywho, I took some pretty pictures in PC that I want to share but they’re not edited yet. But I figured before I lose what few readers I have left, figured I’d toss you a bone ;)

XOXO. PS – It’s my Friday! Annual Beach Bunko 2012 weekend coming right up!


  1. Yucky tummy troubles are the worst! I can't wait to see your pictures from PCB and your new camera! :)

  2. PS I totally left the wrong/old URL earlier! :)



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