Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What’s on My Phone 10.2011

I take hundreds of pictures on my phone. And I never really do anything with them besides the occasional Facebook upload. I’ve seen on some blogs before where there’s a “phone dump”. So I decided to do a dump of the more recent pictures I took on my phone. Allow me to exploit my vanity to you. There, you’ve been warned. I can be a lot little vain sometimes. I admit it.

So let’s blow this popsicle stand.

BTW I used Picnik to create the collages. I think I will do this more often. It was fun, and random but that’s what makes up my life so I love it.

Picnik collage1

1. Kirby. Mom’s rescue turtle. She’s a turtle whisperer in case you didn’t know. True story.

2. My new cup from the Tervis store at Pier Park in Panama City. Everyday I thank the Good Lord for Sweet Tea. That’s not the truth. But I really should. It runs in my veins.

3. Being the boss has its perks. Cookie from one of my employees. NomNomNom

4. Bad hair day? No, just the first look at my hair after I took it out of my overnight scrunching process. Don’t worry, I fixed it but it was too hilarious not to share.

Picnik collage2

5. ESPN’s College Game Day. At Florida State University for the Oklahoma Game.

6. Camera strap I made. Can’t remember if I already shared and too lazy to backtrack and look.

7. My new baby on the left (Nikon D7000) and my old baby on the right (D3000).

8. Vanity shot. My shirt matched so I thought I needed a picture.

Picnik collage3

9. Fisher. We were chilling, chewing on giraffes while his mommy was in Boot Camp.

10. My new ceramic boat propeller looking thing turned jewelry holder. Love it.

11. Coton Colors plate in chevron stripes. Swoon

12. Coton Colors Celebrate plate. Will have to do until I can own a “Happy Everything”.

Picnik collage4

13. Good Hair Day.

14. Checking out the rearview while at Beach Bunko. Not cute. And making sure I wasn’t burning while being lazy without going to the mirror. And I am wearing a top, it’s just the back rolls cover the strap.

15. Bad Hair Day Ixnay on fixing the hair day. Beach Bunko 2011 with my Momma.

16. Vanity shot again. I teased my hair that day and I wanted to remember the volume look.

Something I’ve learned after doing this iPhone dump. I take too many self-portraits. Is this normal? Please tell me yes. If it’s not, tell me anyway but I can’t promise I will cease doing it. Something about the camera on the iPhone making it so easy to take a picture of yourself with the 360 camera just makes me wanna…well take pictures of myself.

Mmk that’s enough self pictures for one day.


  1. So what is it that you did to your hair... your "scrunch"? and love your hair BTW!! My mom is one of those turtles whisperers too :)

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