Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Jolly James’ // Take Two

When I first started this blog, it was called The Jolly James’. Hence the current URL.

Then last year, the not so fun stuff happened. And we were no longer a party of two…

So I changed the name to T, Myself & I but kept the URL the same because I risked screwing something up with all my old posts and just figured I’d lose them if I made a new URL.

Well, now that we’re engaged and are giving this another go ‘round, I figured it’s time to change it back. Because it’s not just me, myself and I. It’s actually Me, David, Remington & Moose. David and I don’t live together, but we are house hunting and hope to be married by the end of the year. And we are the Jolly James’ :)

Another thing to note, I never got my name changed after we divorced. So I am still legally Tamara James. It wasn’t because I anticipated getting back together, but more so the time and effort I would have to go through to get it done and I knew I’d do it eventually but hadn’t gotten around to it. So I just changed it to Tamara Gray on Facebook and that was that. After all, that’s as official as it gets, right? ;-)

Well friends, I guess laziness pays off because turns out it won’t be changing after all :)

So that’s all, just a little post as to why the name has been changed back to its original state!


  1. Your story is so unique, and proof God is awesome!!!

  2. When I saw Fireproof, I was so amazed and totally believe God could make things happen and change lives if He wanted too. Only thing was, I had never actually seen it in my life or anyone I know (that dramatic). Hearing your story, proves that God's definition of Love & Marriage is REAL, and it reassures me that All things really are possible with Him. I wish you both the best of blessings!!!!!!!!



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