Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Love Lists

Especially getting to cross things off!

bucket 7-1-12

It was one that I wasn’t sure would happen this Summer, but #4 is outta here.

Disney – check!

Thursday night about 9:00 I got a group text from David saying we had a free place to stay if we wanted to go. A friend of my Mom’s offered for us to use her time share located about 15 mins from Disney. (Thanks Ms. Robin!!) We originally planned and already booked a trip for August but that got cancelled because David’s National Softball Tournament is the same weekend come to find out. So, we kind of said sure why not! Especially since we’re pass holders, this trip was basically just food and gas. Tanner and Sarah joined us again.

It was a quick whirlwind trip but we had a great time. Lots of food, fun and magic!

We got back about an hour ago and even though I should be doing laundry and cleaning the house, I am putting it off and blogging instead Smile 

You can watch the quick video montage (turn up your sound, I love this song!) or see the pictures below.

The song is One Republic’s “Good Life”. The lyrics are so fitting!



Ahh, one of my favorite sights!

We got checked in and then headed to the Magic Kingdom! We didn’t get into the park til about 8 since we left about 3 on Friday. But they were open til 11 so we still had a few hours there.


My pocket cam is fired. It is progressively taking worse and worse pictures.


Wish this was clear – wet from Splash Mountain!



We headed back to the hotel and were spent from a day of work, traveling, and a few hours of playing. This place was a 1 bedroom suite but it was just that ultimately. A one bedroom one bath with two couples. Things got interesting at times, especially since the only bathroom was located in the closed off bedroom. Good thing we all like each other! This was S&T’s sleeping quarters for the weekend. The couch!

The next day we were up bright and early for a full day of fun.


Parking. Simba section. Smile 


On the tram to Hollywood Studios.

Can I just say that I am kind of over the Transportation Center? I love staying at Disney resorts because the busses drop you off basically at the park gates. Staying at a non-Disney place is not as convenient because first you drive to the giant transportation center, then take a tram from the parking lots to the distribution “ports”, then you either monorail or bus to the park. Cumbersome I tell ya.


In line for Toy Story.


Twinnies. Haha. One lady on the bus even asked if they were twins!


Gloriously, warm day at Hollywood Studios.




Heading to Animal Kingdom, catching some re-charge shut eye whenever possible!


Sarah and I waiting on the tram back to the truck.

Oh, something I find appealing. David’s new truck has the 6 month free OnStar package on it…he has an app on his phone where he can lock/unlock/start his truck from his phone, from anywhere. This came in handy. We’d be sweating to death waiting for the tram and as soon as it’d pull up he would start the truck so by the time we got there it was cool and the A/C was kicking Smile He does have the regular remote start on the key fob (which I’d love to have myself) so that’ll be nice once the OnStar runs out but for now we are taking full advantage of the don’t-have-to-be-anywhere-near-it-to-start-it feature.


We spent a good chunk of Saturday at HS then AK (Animal Kingdom, but didn’t take pics) and decided instead of getting burnt out on the parks that day, to head back to the hotel, clean up then do some shopping! Smile

The outlet malls are only a few minutes from where we were so we went out to do a little damage!


I was on a curly hair kick this weekend.


Sarah caught a quick catnap on the way out.


First though, the guys wanted to swing by the absolutely ginormous Outdoor World. Good gosh that place is huge!

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory at the Mall at Millenia.


My Cuban and sweet potato fries were sooo good.


Sarah and her gargantuan plates of lettuce wraps!


And of course we had to have cheesecake.


My Key Lime Pie cheesecake. Yum.

When we were done and too stuffed to walk, we rolled ourselves out into the mall to look around. That place has the largest collection of skinny rich people I’ve ever seen. Seriously, most everyone was loaded with designer shopping bags, 5” heels, perfect hair and a bod to match. Oh, and RUDE. We concluded after leaving we should have gone to Wal Mart for a confidence boost. Smile 


Feeling sorry for myself in Pottery Barn when this rug I loved was on sale for $399. Needless to say I could not get it. Sad day.


Entering MK, via Sarah


Magic Kingdom/Main Street USA.


There was no way they were losing me. I was an eyesore in my neon yellow shirt!


Ahh, home sweet home Smile



Celebrity sighting – Alice!


For my Pops. He says it’s the only ride worth going to Disney for Smile


And lastly, for my girl Renee. Who loves her some Disney Turkey legs. Smile 

Babe, thanks SO much for putting this all together for us and being our Master of Ceremonies. You rock my socks off!!


  1. OMGoodness! My Disney fever just spiked after reading this post! Such cute couples and so neat u can enjoy Disney together. I miss that place like Carazy!!

  2. I am so jealous that you live close enough to go to Disney to go so often! I haven't been in like 14 years. Looks like you guys had a blast and I love the boys' Mickey shirts.



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