Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day Eight | Sunday, February 8th | Back to Reality | Travel Day

Sunday morning we got up early for disembarkation. My Dad woke up sick as a dog. That was fun. I’m sure the last thing he wanted to do was stand in line with hundreds of people for an hour to go through customs and get off of the ship.
But I don't wanna go home :( 
It was rough for him so when we finally got in the van to head home he laid down in the back seat while Captain David took us home.

Sleepy heads.
We entertained ourselves with more Helium Booth App, singing, sleeping and reliving the awesome trip. Oh, and several burping contests. Kali has some work to do. I on the other hand, am the master burper. The video below showcases our sweet dance moves. 
The worst part of the whole trip was after we got back. There were several of us that came down with the flu within 24 hours upon returning home. BLECK. I'm just glad it waited until after the trip ended!
Nothing like feeling like death and having a hundred pounds of laundry to do. Guess you have to pay to play!
Hope you enjoyed reading about THE BEST VACATION EVER! You know, thus far in my life anyway!

I absolutely cannot wait until our next cruise!!

I hope you enjoyed this series. I hate that I waited this long to get it posted but it worked out because I loved getting to relive it almost a year later! 

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