Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day Two | Monday, February 2nd | Coco Cay, Bahamas

M and D Anniversary Day!

Monday was our first time waking up on the ship. I was a good girl and went to the gym early in the morning. It wasn’t fun but I figured for the amount of food I’d be taking in over the next several days I better get my butt in there. It certainly didn’t hurt that this was the view nearly everywhere I looked. Made it a lot easier to be there!

PS – Breakfast on the ship. Amazeballs. A feast. ‘Nuff said.
I also really enjoyed being up early and out and about on the deck before the ship “woke up”. So peaceful.
Today’s port was Coco Cay, Bahamas. This is Royal Caribbean’s private island. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was truly paradise.

We took the shuttle boat over to the island where they dumped us for the day.

I’ll try not to interrupt and let the photos do the talking. Paradise I tell ya!
Are my Chaco shoes dorky, cool or what? SO COMFY

Is this real life?

Our crew getting settled in for the day. Drinks in hand already! 
The first part of the day was just picture perfect but after our buffet lunch on the island the clouds started to roll in. We still hung out for a good bit but decided to start making our way back before we got stuck in a rainstorm.
Fred catching some Zzzs
Maranda and Momma
Pops and I

After an absolutely perfect day on the island, it was time to get ready for dinner. I loved having a reason to “get ready” every night. How often at home do I get to wear pretty dresses or heels to something besides work? Yeah…never. 

Oh, throw back to long hair and a tan…le sigh.

Three generations - GMa, Momma and I
The lovebirds
Dinner action
Fancy eh?
Dad and I also attended a magic show before dinner. Some of the shows were definitely better than others but it’s still fun to go!
Oh yeah, one of the most exciting events of the day; prior to the day’s festivities, my Dad presented my Mom with a very nice upgrade of her engagement ring. A few weeks before Dad and I had been shopping around for an upgrade for her and we were able to get a beautiful solitaire ring made just for her. Dad saw no need for an upgrade but Mom had been pining for one after thirty years and I guess he thought it was time. He gave her the ring that morning and she just couldn’t wipe the smile off her face all day. She was flaunting around like a newly engaged woman and flashing her hand at everyone. It was so cute! She absolutely loved it and I’m so glad that Dad made it happen. Love is!
Day Three is up next!

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  1. These all are so cute and oh so pretty!! Your mom so deserves an upgrade... 30 yrs and going strong :)



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