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Day Five | Thursday, February 5th | Cayman Islands

Oh man, the Cayman Islands. This had to be my favorite stop of the entire trip. Way back in 2009 when David and I went on our honeymoon cruise, we went to the Cayman Islands. We booked an excursion to Stingray City but the weather was so bad the excursion got cancelled. Rain was pummeling in sideways and the lightning and thunder was really bad. We ended up walking around in and out of the shops for a short time in the pouring rain before heading back to the ship. It was such a sad port stop last go around. 

However this time was a totally different experience. Ahh SO MUCH FUN!
Ready to head to the islands! What's up with my eyes? I don't know what's happening here. Guess it was too early. 
The weather, as it had been our whole trip thus far was gorgeous again. This time there were several other ships anchored up and it was so cool seeing the fleet of them together on our boat up to the dock.
Shuttling to the port.
She was such a beaut!

Lots of ships and a wonky panoramic.

This go around we decided to try Stingray City again and it was perfect. We waited around the port for a long time until our excursion. It was kind of a madhouse around there but we had a little bit of time to shop while waiting and get away from the crowds.
The guy on the far right looks like he totally wanted to be a part of our crew.

Out and about exploring before departure. 

Momma dukes!

Hi handsome hubby!

Peter and Fred solving the world's problems. I'm photobombing, obviously. So is that dude in the back.
They're so cute.

When it was time to load up for the excursion, we hopped on the bus that took us a few miles away to our “private boat”. I say private because although we shared it with maybe 25 other people, we had the whole top deck to ourselves. Well us and the captain! Everyone else rode below in the stuffy crowded undercarriage. Wise choice we made making a bee line to the top!
Look Ma, no driver!
No idea where Maranda and Robin were. 

Best seat in the house.

My handsome Daddy and a gorgeous backdrop!
The boat ride out to Stingray City was straight out of the movies. The prettiest blue waters you could ever imagine, a light breeze, with sounds of the Caribbean coming from the boat speakers. Oh my gosh just close your eyes and imagine paradise and that was Grand Cayman! 

“Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing…cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright”!
Maranda, Fred, the Captain and Pops.

David, why the pouty face? You're in paradise!

Crazy kids.

This is the life, no?

How gorgeous is this sliver of the ocean known as Stingray City? 
When we made it to our destination, I was nervous but really excited! I’d always heard about what a cool experience it was. 

After receiving some instructions from our captain and crew, it was time to jump in. Cole had his go pro so we got some cool underwater pictures too.
Check out the cute fella swimming at the bottom of the frame.
I got to frontal hug a ray and then exchange a smooch on the nose so I guess you could say things were getting pretty serious.
Cole and I feelin' the love!

It was definitely a wonderful experience. I would love to do it again someday!

After a long fun day we made our way back to the boat where you guessed it, dinner and the casino were on the agenda.
Curls by my flat iron. WAHHH I MISS MY LONG HAIR!
Winner winner chicken dinner!

Handsome fellas!
Another handsome fella.

I had to spend the twenty bucks on this PRO-fessional one!
This night was extra special because not only was it formal night but lobster was on the menu! HECK YES. Our server for the week was Vincent and he was extraordinary. We became friends and when he’d see us at breakfast or lunch he’d always make an effort to be our waiter and of course remembered all of our names and what we preferred to drink at every meal. So awesome. On this particular night he’d told us earlier in the day to get to dinner early to make sure we got our fill of lobster. Always looking out for us!
Everybody was tearin' up the bread. Nom nom nom.

Yeahhhh buddy!

After dinner David went back to the casino  and Mom, Dad and I went exploring. This time we ended back at the stern of the ship. This was really cool and again we had the place to ourselves. We watched the sea and the big gorgeous moon as the boat forged ahead. Getting to see the massive propellers do their thing sure made me feel small. Way cool, I really enjoyed that.

Soaking in the view with Pops.

Day Six is up next!

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