Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day Three | Tuesday, February 3rd | Day at Sea

The third day of the cruise brought my love’s 29th birthday! Here’s the birthday boy with his breakfast spread. He loves when I take his picture. Obviously.
The girls claimed chairs on the deck right after breakfast so that we’d have a place to sit poolside that day. We lounged for hours, soaked up the sun, witnessed the belly flop contest and hot body contest, laughed, read books and ordered endless drinks. Just another day in paradise!

GMa and Aunt Sandra enjoying their mudslides.
Hey guys! Don't work too hard.
Once we got our fill of the sun for the day we changed into play clothes and ventured out in the ship for activities. We rock climbed, played mini golf, the guys did the virtual driving range contest, and we just explored and played. SO MUCH FUN.

Kali and Cole playing some volley ball.
Double trouble.

Nothing but sea...

I had always wanted to rock climb. I will say it was certainly much more of a challenge than I had anticipated! My forearms were on FIRE and my legs were quivering by the end but I made it all the way up to ring the bell! 

Brother and I both completed the course!
David would often make his way back to the casino if nothing else was going on, so Mom, Dad and I got to hang out a lot. We’d get an evening “tati” and go strolling to see what we could find.
On this particular evening we made our way up to the tippy bow of the boat. We almost had the whole area to ourselves. It was just so majestic up there. Nothing but the big blue sea everywhere we looked.

“I’m the king of the world”!

She's in her happy place.
It was as if we had the ship to ourselves!

Dad leaning over to get a peek at the propellers.
We found an awesome spot to watch the sunset and settled in for our viewing pleasure.

As our nightly ritual was, it was then time to go get ready for dinner and hit up the casino for a bit before heading to meet the group at our giant shared table.
Dad and Mr. Bob in relax mode.

This machine robbed us of a lot of one dollar bills. Kali especially. RIGGED.
They're too cute.
Waitin' on grub.

Sun kissed and hungry!

Happy birthday to you!

Such a pretty dining room!
Goodnight ship!

Day Four is up next!

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