Monday, December 21, 2015

Day Six | Friday, February 6th | Cozumel, Mexico

On the last port stop of the trip we went to Cozumel, Mexico. David and I also had been here on our honeymoon so it was fun to return six years later. Mom and my aunts and Grandma went shopping on their own while David, Cole, Kali and I did the same. Peter and my Dad went on a scooter adventure that could have ended in a Mexican prison but luckily they made it back on the ship later in the day. That’s another story in itself…while bar hopping around Cozumel and riding their scooters to sight see, they got pulled over by the policia. I don’t remember the nitty gritty details but long story short they happened to be pulled over with a few other scooter goers who offered the police money and they let the whole group go. Who knows what would have happened if that person didn’t offer them money! I shudder at the thought.
Momma and I ready for the day!
These ships are so massive!

James Party of Two
Hello Cozumel!

We did a good bit of walking around and shopping. No excursions planned for this stop! The four of us went off on our own and at this port. 
Tee hee hee.

Kali getting her first pair of Costas!

 After we were done shopping we spent some time at a little bar right next to the boat. AND IT HAD SWINGS.

I drank two margaritas (I've had better) and before I knew it I was doing the Macarena in my own little world for everyone else at the bar to enjoy. Tequila!
We had lots of fun in Mexico!

Once we got back on the ship we found some of our crew and hung out on the deck before it was time to get ready for dinner. 
Recovering from margaritas. Derrrr.
Mom and Aunt Barbara
Love this pic of some of my favorite ladies while they were out exploring!
Feeling tropical that night for dinner. 
We stumbled across a ping pong table while burning time before dinner so we spent a little while playing with an awesome view of the sunset.
 Then it was off to the casino!
Big $15.12 win! Ohhh yeahhh. Not bad for penny slots!
Early birds to the table. 
They were impressed by something but I can't remember what!
I think Vincent was showing us a magic trick!
Night night, day Seven is up next!

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