Monday, July 12, 2010

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, you might live in Florida if your car reads 111 degrees. That’s right folks, and here’s proof:

Might I add this was nearly 5:00 in the afternoon. Phew, glad I don’t live where it gets that hot. Oh wait, I do, and it WAS! Yiikess…

Friday night was Bunko, and I lost a roll off for my 5 bucks back- just my luck! But we had fun and I ate way too much food. Buffalo chicken dip=pure bliss. Of course I was paying for it in the morning…I know, I know, TMI.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, and ended in a trip to Lowes in which we decided to make, DRUMROLL PLEASE….floating shelves! One of the blogs I can’t get enough of is full of DIY ideas. For a long time now I have wanted to make the floating shelves that they gave a tutorial on and we finally broke down and decided to do it. You always have ideas and say oh I could make that, or we should make that but it just gets tucked away and forgotten about. Well not this time. We have a big blank wall in our living room where it merges into the dining area and that’s where these beauties are going to end up. (I think). I will put pics up when they’re done. My awesome Father-in-law wanted to get started on them while we made our way over to use his shop Saturday morning, and by the time we got there, he pretty much had them knocked out! So thanks Big Dawg! I filled all the holes with wood filler and all that’s left is I need to sand, prime & paint. Then they’ll be ready to hang. Next stop, finding lots of neat things to adorn them with. I’m thinking vases, pictures, starfish, candles, etc…

Sunday I was asked/invited to take pictures at Zoinks for my mom’s friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday. I must say I need some practice with fast moving kids in low lighting, but here’s a few shots from the day. Oh and I must say, it’s a pretty cool place and I was ITCHING so bad to get in those bouncy houses! Why can’t they have those kinds of places for adults??

Miss Ryleigh

My In-Laws were hosting a fish fry Sun. afternoon while I was at the bday, but when I returned I found my boys and the rest of the gang taking a dip in the neighbors pool. I sweated my butt off while sitting there watching since I didn’t have my suit, but got some cute pictures instead!

Sluggey peeked in for an over the fence visit!

The Hubs

Remi always has an eye on whoever is in the water.

Pretty Boy!

Oh and one last thing, I ordered a new bathingsuit from Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago and it’s still not here. Usually I get my suits from Old Navy or Target, but they were on sale and my mom offered to pay for some of it just because so I got one. Well, long story short, something got messed up on the forwarding end (because my address is forwarded from my parents to mine because of the move) and now my suit came to Tallahassee to my parents address, USPS saw it had a forward request, and then sent it to PENNSYLVANIA just to be able to re-forward it to my new address. So now it’s been 3 weeks, I still don’t have the suit, and I’ve already missed approximately 5 pool opportunities to wear my new suit. Although the part that really stinks is I won’t look anything like the model who’s wearing it so I don’t know why I’m in a hurry to get it! Haha!!


  1. Ohhh what suit did you order? I ordered one from there too not too long ago but am gonna return it because the top doesn't fit right (I guess I'm just not as busty as those models!)! It actually looks like a "UF" bathing suit but I still think its cute.. its orange, navy blue and white striped with a tie on one side of the bottoms...

  2. PS - I can't wait to see the shelves!!! I bet they're gonna turn out GREAT!!



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