Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Reading

Fair Warning; Book post ahead, may be boring to some!

In the last couple months, I have been reading like a mad-woman. Since I got my new position and now have an hour lunch break, I had to find something to do to occupy my time. I have always loved to read but it’s usually only specific authors that I love and will only read when their newest book comes out. Nowadays I always have a thick book weighing down my purse and one waiting in the wings so that when I finish, I don’t go a moment without a new one. I love the thought and keepsake of buying a book because I often re-read them, but when you go through one a week like I have been doing lately, that can get pricey. In comes my favorite new place, the library! Not only can you rent books, but 7 DVDs at a time! Granted, they are not the newest releases, but there’s always some oldies but goodies to be found. Like Weekend at Bernie’s & A League of Their Own to name some that I’ve surely picked up before. Recently I got the Aviator and the Reader. Never got around to the Aviator but hey, it was rented for free so it didn’t really matter!

I have my favorite authors and then I have ones I just blindly go to the library and pull off the shelf to see if it’d be a good read. I own all the Nicholas Sparks’ books, and Emily Giffin just came out with a new one, The Heart of the Matter, that I’m dying to read but have to at least wait til it’s on paperback to buy (which I like better than hardback anyway). I’ll admit I don’t read anything life-changing or intellectually challenging, but I do read for pleasure and if that includes Chick-Lit romance novels so be it. I was starting to run out of material so I was looking online for suggestions and came across Nora Roberts. She is a romance novelist but her books also have some sort of suspenseful plot and mystery involved. The woman has written well over 100 books and I am hooked, so it looks like I’ll have something to read for a looong time. I just read Black Hills & I’m currently reading Northern Lights, both which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Northern Lights was made into a Lifetime movie with Leann Rimes so somehow I want to find the movie to watch when I’m done with the book. I honestly don’t even know where to start since there’s no longer movie rental stores:(

Today I picked up two more books to make sure I have plenty for the Disney trip!

What’s on your reading list? I’d love to hear suggestions!


  1. I am currently reading Eat Pray Love and not too impressed. I should have known by the beginning of the book when she mentioned it was her "Spiritual journey" but I didn't realize how spiritual it was going to be. The first third of the book kept my interested but now that shes gone on to India it's all about meditation and her inner beliefs. The movie looks good and I think I've decided to stop reading that book all together and just watch Julia Roberts play it out!
    Not sure if you've already read it but Time Travlers Wife was a great book. I was the movie after I read it and was disappointed because the book does such a great job of bouncing you back and forth from past/present and explaining the characters more in depth.
    Keep posting about reading because I'm always looking for something great to read.
    Oh one more thing, I've heard The Help is a great book, I'm just not into old southern stories.

  2. Well, currently I'm reading "Something Blue" lent to me by, well, YOU! I finished "Something Borrowed" in one week (which I'm still not sure how I managed to do with how crazy my school schedule has been)!! I loved it! My mom likes Nora Roberts and has read a lot of her books! One of my all time favorite writers whom I'm sure I've mentioned to you is Charles Martin. He's technically a "Christian" author but I don't think his books get all that religious, I would even say a few you wouldn't even be able to tell. Some of his titles are "When Crickets Cry," "Where the River Ends," "The Dead Don't Dance," "Maggie," "Chasing Fireflies," "Wrapped in Rain," and his newest one, which I haven't read yet, is "The Mountains Between Us." He is such a descriptive author, its hard not to get completely drawn in to the characters and plot. And he's from Jacksonville, so a lot of his stories take place here in Florida, which I think is neat and makes it easy to relate to because I've heard of all the settings and places he describes. I honestly think you should give him a try, and if you don't fall in LOVE with his books, I will probably drop dead from shock. Or if you're looking for something funny and light-hearted that will literally make you LAUGH OUT LOUD (I did on several occasions and Ashley too) is Jen Lancaster. Her books (in order) are "Bitter is the New Black," "Bright Lights, Big Ass," "Such a Pretty Fat," and "Pretty in Plaid." She is hilarious! And all her books are memoirs, but they are still really interesting!

  3. I am an avid Nora Roberts Reader! Love her! Quite few of her books have been made into lifetime movies. A couple of my favorites Carolina Moon and Montana Sky. I think you can find them at bigger Hallmark Stores. Or Amazon I'm sure. She also has some really good trilogies and other series.

  4. I am an avid Nora Roberts reader. There aren't many of her books I haven't read. There are quite a few other books that have been made into movies, a couple of my favorites are Carolina Moon and Montana Sky. I am thinking you can get those movies from Hallmark and of course Amazon. Nora also has some great trilogies and series. Like the McKade Brothers and the Pagan Stone trilogy. There are so many books in the different series it can be hard to keep them all straight so I go to fantasticfiction.com and it has all the series and all the pictures of the books! Hope that helps! Happy Reading!

  5. @Shannon - thanks so much for the suggestions! The only movie I've seen is Northern Lights, which was also the first book of hers I read. Just love them!



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