Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rumor is True...

…about State Workers & food! Okay so there may be several rumors about state workers, but the one I’m referring to is that there’s always food around. Since I’ve been working for the state, for a year in September, I have seen more food come through the office than comes through my own kitchen! When I was in my old position, every Wednesday a sweet retired lady, Mrs. Sharp would bake something fresh every morning and bring it in for our section to snack on. It ranged from cookies to brownies, cakes and pies, but my FAVORITE was when she made her pound cake. Oh. My. Goodness…SO GOOD! I’m telling ya when she got here every Wednesday morning, there was a buzz around the office that went something like, “cookies today- better get em fast!” or “pound cake is here, get it now or never!” And believe me, I always got my share haha!

I have to admit one of the biggest bummers about leaving my old position is that I no longer get to have Mrs. Sharp’s Wednesday treats:( But what I do get, is my new boss’s treats! Probably at least twice a month if not more, my boss treats us to ice cream, goodies from Panera, cupcakes, etc. She often just shows up with an armful and says “pick one!” In case ya didn’t know, July is National Ice Cream month as well. Well, our Bureau has now had two ice cream days and the most recent was a help yourself to a freezer full of it! I chose a Reese’s Klondike Bar- yumm:)

Today after my boss got back from an appointment, she spruced up the 2:30 afternoon lull with cupcakes! And these were no skimpy cupcakes, I’m talking The Cake Shop cupcakes. There was a box full of flavors but I went for the Snicker’s one, mmm delicious!

I really enjoy all the treats around the office but goodness knows I shouldn’t be eating them! Whenever I do get my lazy self into some healthy eating habits, it’s going to be tough to come here and face the goods!

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  1. Too Funny! My office is the same way! We have big b-day celebrations every month, ice cream parties, lunch parties!! I swear some type of "snack" is served every week over here! I have completely failed on the "eating healthy" option! Too hard to resist the treats.



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