Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Young House Love Shelves- They're Up :)

SIDENOTE: My bathingsuit is STILL NOT HERE! I have been tracking it online and it’s now on it’s third trip to Jacksonville…why?! Every time I call I get someone who says “Oh the tracking shows here it’s in Jacksonville and it’s on its way, you should get it soon!” Puh-lease. I am beyond frustrated with this dang thing & can’t seem to talk to someone who knows why it’s doing what it’s doing!! Almost a whole month has gone by since I ordered it…maybe one of these days it will make it here:/

I’ve already posted pictures of the completed shelves on FB & spoiled the fun, but here they are again with start to finish pictures. I really love the way they turned out. I may rearrange here and there with the stuff on the shelves, but for now, this is what they look like. If you want instructions for these bad boys, you can find them here at younghouselove.

*Special thanks to both Dads for their handyman skills & help* Ya'll rock!

I would have had a picture of the building process but somebody (Big David!) got a head start on them:)

My Dad & I hard at work. Well he was working, I was pretending to work;)

I hadn’t gone shopping yet for knick knacks for the shelves, but after scrounging the house and boxes of useless stuff, I gathered enough to pull them together in a presentably decorated fashion. Nevermind that I stole stuff off the cabinets which now look bare or that I stole a jar from my 3 piece jar set on the dining room table. I needed stuff and I found stuff! I think one of my favorite things is the books. I have never really liked hardback books for reading purposes because I like the flexibility of a paper back, but when it came to decorating the shelves, I was scrounging for as many of my hardbacks I could find! A little tip I learned from Young House Love is using books to decorate, but be sure to take the cover off. They are so much prettier and simpler without those glossy unattractive covers on them. I will probably keep my eye out at garage sales/goodwill for cheap hardbacks just so I can use them for decoration.

I also really like the DIY artwork that I made from an empty frame and scrapbook paper. I took some “thoughts” as well from my Real Simple magazines and framed those which gives it a “don’t take life too serious” theme:)

I can’t wait for Christmas to come around so I can change up the theme. One thing I have to figure out now is where our tree is going to go since I just took up the big wall I was planning to put it against! Oh well- I still have a little while to figure that out:)

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