Saturday, July 3, 2010


Thursday night my Mom called and said, we're going to see Eclipse tonight so get ready to go! I have been dying to see it since it came out on Tuesday but we were going to push it back until next weekend so Lindsay and Joseph could go too! (Last year, Linds, Joseph, David, Mom & Me went to New Moon!) Well it was last minute we made it to the 8:00. It was so good! Definitely very action packed and I know the guys enjoyed it much more because of it. I absolutely can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out in the movies. (the 4th book in the series). It's going to be two parts but was my favorite book so I'm looking forward to it! Here's a pic of Lindsay and I with our "next" husbands. As to whose is whose, we shall share I guess!

*Missed you Kimbo! You need to be sure to be up here for Part I of breaking dawn:)

PS-I got a new computer so i should be posting more frequently now:)


  1. Haha, you girls switched "partners" and took more pictures lol

  2. umm of course we did! we couldn't decide which one we wanted so we did the most logical thing - decided to share them both!!



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