Tuesday, February 15, 2011


-Friday night was Bunko – I won most Bunkos (4) for the night and took home $35 – CHA!!
-Late Friday night my favorite SIL in the whole world came to visit! Okay, so she’s my only SIL, but she’d be my favorite if I had another ;)
-Remi got to spend lots of time playing with his cousin Bailey
-Saturday Kim & I did a little shopping, well I did since I had some moola to burn! I got two pairs of pants (that fit!) so I’d have more than 2 pairs for our trip
-I wore a black shirt today, which then I usually put my deodorant on second, and I forgot. Oops. Glad it’s not hot out yet!
-Had lunch with my Momma at CFA today. Yum :-)
-In the few weeks we’ve had the house on the market, we’ve had 4 showings and 1 open house. -No offers yet, but we know we’re lucky to be getting this much activity so we are thankful for that
-I get to see snow for the first time, very, very soon!!


  1. I hope you get to see lots of snow!!! I'm wanting to plan a trip this December to go see some snow! Hope you are having a great time in NYC!! :)

  2. Um, where are you moving too...or should I check out the older posts :)
    Glad you are getting some action on the house ;)



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