Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fire in the Hole!!

Last night was week 3 of FSU/CPA. And what were we doing? Well going to the firing range of course!

I didn’t bring my camera, but managed to get a few phone pics for your viewing pleasure.

We met out at Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy, and after a very brief set of instructions, we were told to grab our “eyes and ears” aka ear muffs and safety glasses and were each tossed a weapon. Well not exactly, but we grabbed our eyes and ears then patiently waited our turn in line at one of three stations. We each got to shoot a Glock (handgun) and an AR-15 (civilian version of the military kind, i.e. bad to the bone!)

After setting the picture of the lady (I think?) up as our target, it was time to shoot.

IMG00280-20110209-1907 (1)

Now that’s a side of myself I don’t see too often. Sorry for all those who do!

We were told to aim for the breastbone.

Officer Fender said I got a perfect score! Woot woot. He was the one who taught the RAD class too and has seen be kick some bad guy butt. Shooting was no exception. Except I kicked bad hair lady’s butt, er chest (26) photo (27)

Mom did okay, but I’m afraid shooting someone in the forearm isn’t going to hinder a bad guy as much as the money shot. That’s okay Mom- that shot in the throat makes up for it!

photo (25)

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  1. Did you happen to see my husband? He had to work the robot for the CPA?



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