Monday, February 7, 2011


It’s another dreary day here in North Florida. Bleh, over it!

Yesterday was the perfect temperature and endless blue skies, but it was just a tease before the return to a cold rainy day.

photo (23) photo (22)

Me and Remington laid outside soaking up the sun while I took phone pictures. Actually I was pouting and took the dog with me, in which I decided I might take a little longer to pout because it was so nice out! Hah!

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again and I can’t wait. I am missing the sunshine! PS-Me and Nicole are finally having our run date tomorrow. You know, the one I said we were having last week? This darn weather kept throwing us off, but tomorrow is the day!

Last night I went to the Dawkins for a Super Bowl party. There was lots of yummy food, good company and I got to spend some much needed time with my favorite 10 month old! I didn’t take any pictures, (boo!) but I had a great time. I am actually sore today. Tube crawling and almost one year old lifting put a hurting on me! LOL. Thanks again for having me guys :)

Saturday morning was the Godby Baseball Alumni game. The alumni play the current Varsity team once a year. It’s always fun to watch the “old guys” play! David hit a homerun for the third year in a row, so he was pretty excited about that, and it went to his head a little bit! It’s fun because not only do the guys get to visit again, but the girls too! Several of the married couples were bat girls/and ball players in high school, and it’s crazy how we’re now married and some are having kids. Every year there’s another one married or another baby. Lots of fun to catch up and reminisce!

1277_2-3-99 1277_2-3-100

David batting and pitching. He instructed me to note that for this at bat, he had a base hit to right field. There.

Saturday afternoon I went with Renee to her maternity shoot. It was hard to sit back and watch someone else take pictures, I wanted to take some so bad! But her hubby’s Aunt took them and she is a professional, so I guess I had to leave it to her ;)

I had some gift cards left over from Christmas that were burning a hole in my pocket, so Saturday night we went to the mall to do a little shoppin! I got a sweater and scarf from old navy (gosh I LOVE their scarves!) and three new work shirts from Gap. And yes, if you know me, even with a gift card, it was ALL on sale.

We also got Remi a bed. You see, he used to have a bed when he was a puppy, but he couldn’t keep his mouth or teeth off of it. We have the cutest video of him, about 12 weeks old, dragging his HUGE bed all around our apartment with stuffing falling out everywhere from him shredding it. SO wish I could share but I need to get it off the video camera first. Unless it’s already on my computer…I’ll have to check! Anywho, bed had to go bye-bye. Well he has now gotten MUCH better about chewing things, and he sleeps every night on a pile of his blankets. We thought it was time to get him a new bed. The verdict? HE LOVES IT. He snuggles in it so perfectly and just makes you want to eat him up. Gosh I love that dog! Please note the price tag still attached. We left it on at first to make sure he liked it, and haven't removed it yet. lol!

Some things that are getting me through my Monday:

· The Bachelor is on tonight

· Sunny & Cold tomorrow (love it!)

· NYC/Boston literally right around the corner :-)

· New Work Shirts-yay. People probably think I’m so poor, I wear the same thing every week...

· Semi-behaving side bangs (the front blunt bangs didn’t last long) & eek, end of the day on a Monday!

photo (24)

· This lovely lump of fur.

1277_2-3-96 1277_2-3-98

· Firing Range! Wednesday for FSU/CPA. Targets, prepare to meet your maker!!

· Bunko on Friday – I need some WAM* for New York!!

*Walking Around Money

We took Remi in the canoe for the first time today. It was rainy and dreary but fun! He wasn’t too sure about it but he never jumped out or tipped us so that was good!

photo (20)

He wanted out of the canoe, then he was concerned that he wasn’t with us! I’ve got to get the other pictures off my phone of all of us in the canoe :)

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