Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Domestic Question

I've been needing new work pants. So last week I bought two new pairs from Target. They were $30 each which is about half of GAP pants but still expensive. But I needed them so I bit the bullet.

Then last Wednesday I wore them, first time. And I dropped a big greasy garlic roll that landed on my scarf and proceeded to roll all the way down into my lap. And then bounce around on both legs for good measure.

(Don't worry, I was still able to eat it!)

Insert face palm.

Really. REALLY?!

So I came home that day and did what I heard to do...I rubbed the spots with chalk and let it sit. The chalk is supposed to dry up the grease. It sit for a day or two. Then I washed them but first I spot cleaned with shout and a toothbrush.

I dried them and then put them on this morning and the stains are still there. Double ugh.

Anyone have a grease stain remedy that WORKS? This would happen the first time I wore my new pants. Sheesh.

And in case you need a photo reference, here's a shot of my lap. Hmm. Never took a shot of that before!

Look for the dark spots.


  1. Nice legs!! ;) seriously though, I have used hairspray. But I don't know if you can use it now that you have already washed them, like te stain sets in after it's been dried ya know?! I also can't remember if I have ever used the hairspray for grease but I have used it on ink (pens are my item of choice to drop on me or draw on my pretty new yellow shirt) and it works great for ink. May give it a try?! Also hairspray works for blood, FYI. Sorry 'bout ya britches! :(

  2. What a bummer! I hate that! Only thing Ive heard of was for stains and that is mixing equal parts dawn detergent and peroxide. Hope something works out!

  3. Mix 2:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and plain dawn dishsoap (the blue kind- just regular ole plain jane dawn) I found the remedy on pinterest and have been using it for everything from grease stains to stinky yellow arm pit stains. Works great!

  4. Hey Tamara! I managed to drop a whole slice of pizza on the front of my shirt once...right before I had to testify in a hearing- nothing says credibility like a state witness who looks likes she's 17 with a greasy pizza outline on her shirt. When I got back to the hotel I soaked it in the sink with shampoo, then kept using a tide pen on it, while keeping it damp. When I got home (I had it on a hanger in the car), I treated it with shout and washed it, then treated and washed it again. The grease came out- so maybe try something like that? I think I've heard that once the clothing is allowed to dry, then the stain is stuck, but I'd still give it a go.

  5. I also recommend Dawn dish soap. Works wonders!

  6. Really, any kind of dish soap should get the grease out (spot clean with the dish soap and then run the pants through the washer).
    by the way, I love your blog!

  7. I had a huge glob of pizza grease get on my shirt once. I found that getting the stain out was as simple as washing it in hot water. I fought with that stain for months and then just a run through in hot water with regular detergent and no spot treating or anything took it right out.

    Good luck!

  8. Definitely dawn and peroxide!

  9. Definitely dawn and peroxide!



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