Monday, April 9, 2012

How I Write My Blogs

A long time ago I hated writing blogs. It was such a pain. And to add pictures too? Fahgettaboutit.

The method of writing a blog through Blogger makes me cringe. Pictures take forever to load, and it’s just not a user friendly process. In my opinion anyway.

Then, it was as if the clouds parted and the angels sang, because my friend Mandy wrote a post on Windows Live Writer. I should have shared this when I found it, but I’ve now given it a test drive over the last year and wanted to share how pleased I was with it.

I had no clue what it was but after reading the tutorial, I was intrigued to give it a shot. I was willing to try anything to make writing blogs more of an enjoyable thing, than a chore.

I downloaded Windows Live Writer (it’s free!) and gave it a try.

Side note: Since I downloaded it last year, they’ve now created a whole Windows Live Essentials “bunch” of sorts of programs. It’s free, and WLW is included in that.

I was hooked.

What’s great about it is you sync it up to your blog, and you write your post directly into Live Writer. Then you just hit publish and voila! It automatically posts to your blog. And you can put in a post date and time if you want to publish now, but don’t want it to post until another day or time. You need an internet connection to post, but just to write it, you don’t. So writing posts on the road is a breeze. You can save it and post when you get an internet connection.

Here’s some screen shots.


This is the one I just finished, but normally it’d be blank and you put in the title and you can change fonts, colors, everything right in the post.


Then if I select Picture from the drop down at the top, I can select as many as I want at once, and this box pops up. I always select INLINE pictures.


Then the pictures load in immediately. It takes just a few seconds once they load to completely finish so they' may be blurry for a second.


Then I can move them by clicking and dragging or by entering down.


To resize a pic I just click on it and drag the corners. Easy peasy.


See? Bigger picture just like that.

Then once I’ve got everything how I want it and I’m ready to publish, all I do is click the globe at the top left that says “Publish”. I don’t have to login to blogger or anything. I never even go near blogger to post. I can also set the post date for a future time to auto post.

The best part about it is I can add tons of pictures at once and then resize, move around, however I want. I could not imagine uploading more than 5 pictures while using Blogger, but with Live Writer, I select several at once and it loads almost instantly.

I just wanted to share since it’s another one of those blogging tips that has made my life a lot easier, and more enjoyable when it comes to blogging!

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  1. Thank you!!! You totally just made blogging less intimidating and time consuming! I have been wanting to blog but don't have much spare time to blog. This looks doable... So maybe I will start one soon...



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