Monday, April 23, 2012

Ikea Treasures

I wasn’t planning to share my IKEA treasures since it wasn’t anything earth shattering, but since I’ve had several requests now, I guess I will!

First things first, David and I have been House Hunting. We are actively looking at places but trying to get what we really want, instead of like last time, settling because we fell in love with a house. We thought we could overlook the teeny weeny backyard or the fact that we could spit on our neighbors. But hey, that’s what first homes are for right? Learning what you do and don’t want in the future.

Anywho, my lease is up in July. Will we find a house by then? I hope so. If we don’t? No biggie. I found out my neighbors who have the same landlord, pay month to month and I’m hoping I can sweet talk my landlord into letting me do the same if that’s the case. As in, needing to keep renting my place while we’re looking.

Since we are hoping to get a house this summer, and we sold our guest room furniture after the last house, we were in need of some new stuff. We decided we wanted to go ahead and get it and put it in storage until we get a house, versus getting a house and being without it. And we wanted to buy it at IKEA, hence getting it this trip. We probably won’t be back down there in the next few months.

I didn’t really know what I wanted for a guest bed, but I knew I wanted something fun. In fact I had NO idea what I was looking for. And typically guest rooms aren’t very big, so I didn’t want anything to big and chunky. I almost got a white wood bed, but I just didn’t love it. And it was pretty pricey, not including mattresses. After mulling it over a bit and browsing the selections, I decided on the Lilliesand bed frame, queen size. I just now did a little googling and found these awesome inspiration pics. Now I’m really sure in my decision! And super excited to create a guest room!




I wasn’t sure about the black, but after seeing these pictures it’s perfect. I could always paint it white or another fun color if I got bored with it though. We all know I’m addicted to Spray Paint.

The other big thing that was on my list was a dresser to go in the guest room. I had no clue what I wanted but literally the first little “room” Sarah and I went in, I saw it. A gorgeously fun red dresser, the Hemnes Dresser in red. 1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (1)


And to make it even better, I opened it to fine white and yellow paper lining the drawers. SO CUTE!


(This same liner is in the red one)

So these were the two big ticket items I got. I would take a pic and text it to David and hold my breath for his thoughts. Luckily he really liked everything and said what I like to hear best, “Sweet! Whatever you want!”

The saddest part was coming home and putting the bed and dresser straight in the storage unit, still in their boxes. But oh what fun it’ll be when they get to go in a pretty new guest room! I can’t wait to have a house again!

I also got a bench. Remember this cute bench I bought second hand on my birthday?


Well it broke almost immediately after I got it. David Someone sat on it and a few of the slats broke. I hauled it to my Dad and he fixed it for me Smile 

Well, a month or so ago I think I sat on it, and a different part broke. Apparently the wood is rotted all over it. Pooey Sad smile I guess the store I got it from just slapped some paint on an old rotted bench and sold it to me for $80 and was laughing as I left, knowing it wasn’t gonna last. So, I have had it on my back porch and it’s unsittable. I am still LOVING my new patio table and chairs, but on nice weather days, I like to spread out on the bench with a book and kick my feet up.

So, I found a great treasure at IKEA! And guess what, it was $80. I think it was marked down from $89. It’s brand new and very pretty. And sturdy! It’s the Applaro Bench.

photo (95)

photo (96)

photo (94)

The pillows and plant unfortunately can’t stay outside. Fake plant and cloth pillows wouldn’t hold up well to the elements. And the grill has to go somewhere too. If only things could stay as pretty as when they’re “styled”.


The other little treasures I got were some hanging planters, white cardboard magazine holders, an orange throw blanket, and a three piece glass vase set. I did pretty good this trip, budget wise!


  1. GUILTY.. I was one of those requesting an IKEA blog post!! Thanks for sharing and love that spare bed... who would have thought all those years ago that metal could actually be cute, they've come along way from brass! Happy house hunting... I hope you all find what you are looking for this time around :)

  2. I L-O-V-E the bed! So much in fact that I may have to pick it up for myself!

    Good luck with the house hunt! I'm sure you'll find a house that is absolutely perfect for the 2 of you.



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