Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun Goodies

Today was a rainy day and there wasn't much going on. I went to my usual Saturday morning TRX class at 9, then we looked at a house. Which we've been doing for a few months now - house hunting! The house is on the lower end of our budget and has lots of room for potential. But it needs a lot of love! We then got some lunch at Wing Stop (it’s becoming a weekend tradition) and headed out and about to do some shopping. I'm putting myself on house arrest for the remainder of the weekend so I don't spend any more money. I got some fun goodies at the Grey Fox. It's been a while since I paid them a visit but I was in need of a new Hipster style bag. Vera Bradley always comes through.

After trying many bags on my Disney trips, this style is my go-to. I don’t have to take it off on rides and it’s lightweight and unsnatchable (as in a thief can’t run by and grab it!) since it sits across my body.

My old one has last many years but it’s finally time to retire it. The magnetic snap has been dangling off a ripped hole for a long time and I wanted one of the new ones because it has more zippered pockets. These things are important when you’re going upside down on rides!

photo (92)

Old one.

photo (88)  photo (90)

New one. I love it! You can find it online here. The print is called “Happy Snails”. How fun is that?

The Grey Fox also sells scarves now. Hold the phone!

I saw one and fell in love, but I just knew, knew it was going to be expensive because it was so pretty and because well, everything else in that store is. The lady checked the price and told me $16. I snatched it up quicker than you can say “I’ll take it!”

Psst – This brings my collection to 24 scarves…oops Smile

photo (91)

Isn’t it beautiful? I LOVE the pattern and the little dangly yellow thingies on the edge. Swoon. My ceramic horse is modeling it for your viewing pleasure. 

photo (89)

Because it was my lucky day, I got this reusable tote for free as apparently today if you buy any VB product in the store at full price, you get the tote. Score!

photo (93)

And then we went to Sports Authority. I don’t think I’ve shared it on the blog yet, but about three weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought a very expensive membership to Sweat Therapy Fitness. My good friend Katie is an instructor and manager there, and my friends Brittney and Nicole are fellow “black card holders” so I eventually got talked into trying it out. I loved it and it has been so good for me because I actually go. Paying as much as I do for it, I HAVE to go or else I’d be kicking myself!

So anywho, I’ve been buying workout stuff here and there because let’s face it, I hadn’t worked out before then since about 2009. And all my old workout stuff was wayyy too small. I have only picked up cheap pieces here and there and it’s starting to show. Stuff is starting to pill and isn’t holding up too well, so today I bit the bullet and bought two pairs of pretty darn expensive pants. Here’s to hoping they hold up to chub rub better than my cheap pairs! The others failed under pressure.

I also picked up a cheap but not-so-cheap priced tank top. I love wearing tanks to workout in but I hate belly hugging ones. I plan to stock up on these but at $17 a piece for a flimsy tank, they’re a lot more expensive than I think they should be. I fell in love with some Nike tops but really people? $30 + for an almost sheer tank top? I can’t afford to stock up on those!

So that’s it. I’m done spending money for the weekend. Until I find something else I can’t live without

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