Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Camelbak Rocks

So remember a few months ago I posted about how unhappy I was with my Camelbak waterbottle?

Well imagine my surprise when I got an email that said “Greetings From Camelbak”. The representative Eden went on to tell me they came across my blog post and wanted to reach out to me since I was unhappy with their product.

Say wha? How in the world did they find my blog? Who knows! Product search I’m guessing? I was a wee bit excited!

She said if I gave my address they’d send me some new products to try. I hemmed and hawed for a week or so because let’s face it, I thought it was a spammer or stalker trying to get my address! I was scared to send it! I talked to my Mom about it and she said well have it sent to their address. So I finally did.

And boy was I glad that something actually showed up and I didn’t give their address to a random person and nothing come of it!

Here’s the goods:





Pretty awesome right?

I kind of freaked out. I mean in the store, the insulated ones are $19.99 each and the Camelbak Groove is $24.99. That’s a lot of free product!

I was not asked to post a blog review or anything, but after having time to try them out, I thought I owed it to Camelbak to give them a pat on the back.

They done good.

I love the new bottles. And the best news is they don’t sweat like Niagara Falls all over my desk. The insulated feature is the bomb dot comb.

Thank you Camelbak!!


  1. That's awesome! I know firsthand how great Camelbak takes care of their customers. My straw on my bottle broke once so i called to send it back and they sent me a new one!

    1. They have definitely made several customers happy then - if only more customers were like that! :)

  2. Once I thought about things like: why such information is for free here? Because when you write a book then at least on selling a book you get a percentage. Thank you and good luck on informing people more about it!
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