Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Easy’s Snowballs

Right on track. I checked another thing off the list.

bucket 6-24-12

But we’ll get to the snowballs. Just you wait.

Saturday night was date night with Sarah and Tanner. We went to Carrabbas. I haven’t been there forever and it’s one of my favorites so I’m so glad Sarah suggested it!




We I stuffed myself to capacity but we’d planned to go to Big Easy’s and to Big Easy’s we were going. I kept hearing about it but had yet to go and I was 100% set on going. No matter what!


Big Easy’s Snowballs

It’s just a little hole in the wall shop open seasonally.


Sarah ordering her delicious concoction.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it far exceeded my expectations. Y’all, seriously, this is the best snow cone I’ve ever had. What made it even better was that it was stuffed. With ice cream. You may think to yourself…

Self: Wouldn’t that taste funny? Shouldn’t the ice part of the snow cone melt and water it down?

Fat Girl Self: Be quiet and get it stuffed. Duh.

I got the Stuffed Cream Dreamsicle. 

Stuffed = ice cream added (low-fat!…like I wouldn’t have ordered it otherwise…)

Cream = added creamy component to the “snow” itself

Dreamsicle = flavor of the Gods.

IMG_6521[1] IMG_6526[1]

I really want another one. Like right now.

This was the small and it took everything I had to eat the whole thing. But I couldn’t not finish it.

No man snowball left behind.


Here bookie try this. But be prepared to die instantly and go to Heaven.




The Collins minus baby F!

I know it’s only the second completed to-do on the list, but it’s my favorite thing so far. No it technically doesn’t beat spending time with family at Wakulla Springs, but as far as eating good goes, this takes the snowball cake.

If you’re a Tallahassee local, I highly recommend getting a perfect Summer treat! They’re located right next to Bella Bella. Here’s the website again.

Sarah and Tanner left after dessert to head to the hospital where Sarah’s sister was in the beginning stages of labor!


So David and I rode out and looked at a house we’ve looked at several times now, just to check it out again. We were exploring the neighborhood and pulled a u-ey when we saw this pretty sight. We pulled over and watched the glorious sunset for a few minutes.

Perfect ending to a perfect night!

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