Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watch Out…

…because I know how to do video montages now!

Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things does them often and she recently did a how to. Since I’m sitting in my hotel room in Biloxi, MS with an evening to spare, I finally took some time to learn how to do it.

This is just a silly video but I wanted to try it so I used what I had on hand. Meaning, old pictures and videos found on my laptop.

I laughed so hard putting this together. Mostly at the first webcam clip. That’s totally unstaged people. We used to do those kinds of cool things in our free time.


I’m looking forward to doing this a lot more in the future!

And oh my goodness…did you see my sweet baby Rem? So docile and calm. I die of cuteness. Moose is so his polar opposite...wild and crazy! Smile


  1. Tamara!!! That video is awesome! So happy, full of love! I felt the love!!! I'm going to watch it again :)

  2. Awe! So sweet! Might have to try making one of those. And I need to do more random videos :)



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