Monday, June 25, 2012

PawPaw Turns 96!

Last week myself + 26 other family members on my Mom’s side went to Osaka to celebrate my Great Grandpa’s 96th birthday! We had a great time celebrating. I think the chef kind of liked me because he kept sneaking me an extra shrimp here and there. And he was sure to fill up my Yum Yum sauce before him and his little cart with the bicycle horn on it left.

Or maybe he just noticed that I was putting back the food on my plate at an alarming rate and could tell I would be happy to take any and all leftovers after divvying up to everyone at the table. I’ve got a shape to maintain.

What? Round is a shape.


PawPaw, Me, Momi (pronounced Mom-eye)


Cole, Mom & I. Dad was working.


The birthday boy!

IMG_6493[1]  IMG_6488[1]

This is about the only thing chop sticks are good for. Something about not being able to shovel large amounts of food into my mouth puts me off Smile 

Happy Birthday PawPaw!!

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  1. I don't know how to use chop sticks either! Why should I learn...I know how to use a fork :-)



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