Monday, June 4, 2012

Enter My Chamber

Spray paint chamber it is!

I have a new schedule. It unfortunately consists of waking up at 6:00 every morning. Moose insists. So what this means for me is, I get a lot more done! Looking at the bright side since there’s only so many you can see from waking up that early…ugh.

I have had a growing pile of stuff that needed to be changed up. 
So, since I was up bright and early Saturday morning I decided to get busy priming stuff.
I don’t know what the outcome of a lot of it will be but I knew it all needed to start with a fresh coat of primer.
I have been on the hunt for chunky candle sticks FOREVER. Everytime I found them though, they were $15+ a piece.

So when I saw this set of three at Walmart for $15 total, I had it in my basket faster than you can say illtakethemandspraypaintthemlikeitsnobodysbusiness!
A few months ago my Big Momma sent me this in the mail. It’s a poem on the Art of Marriage. She’s allowed to give me marriage advice. Her and my Grampy have been together since they were in their early teens Smile

I loved the sentiment but to be honest it wasn’t my style. I called her to get her permission to re-purpose the frame and she was all for it! She digs my ideas Winking smile I saved the inside content but just knew that the detailed frame would make a perfect chalk board!
I also picked these $2.50 cardboard letters up from Hobby Lobby to re-create a project I found on Pinterest.

PS – Life as a Thrifter is one of my new favorite blogs!
For some reason my candlesticks turned pink with the same white primer. Weirdos. I finished three of those projects yesterday. Still debating colors for the candlesticks!

First up, the Antropology Zinc Knock-Off letters that spell WASH. These suckers are $18 in the store…no thank you!
I made it for a laundry room, which it’ll eventually go in, but my laundry room is never seen now and is crowded so I’m thinking of putting them in the bathroom. You wash in there too!
I bought both not knowing which one I wanted, but one spritz of the Silver Foil Metallic and I loved it. The other one is getting returned. I primed mine first because I wasn’t sure how it would soak up the silver.
I freaking love this stuff now! It makes everything instantly pretty!
Life as a Thrifter sanded hers to make it resemble the zinc ones, but I am liking mine nice and shiny. For now anyway! I can’t wait to get them up!
Since I loved the result of the silver metallic so much, I decided right then that my little $6 Marshalls elephant-bank would become silver. I bought it knowing I’d paint it but didn’t know what.
inne cute?
Then, the chalkboard.
Love the detail.
Since I ran out of wall space, it’s sitting on a plate holder on my entry table and I quite like it there!

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