Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bucket List: Summer 2012

As the fun months of Summer are approaching, bucket lists are popping up in blog land. I decided I wanted to do one too! I hope to complete them all by the end of the Summer and give updates as I cross things off the listSmile

Are you making a Bucket List? If so, do share!


If any of my lovely friends or family wants to help me check things off the list, let me know and we’ll make it happen! Smile

And if this goes well, I might just make one for every new season. Nothing like forcing myself to stop saying and start doing! I’m excited!


My thoughts exactly!


  1. Oh no...not Disney in the summer! TOO HOT! But have fun anyway lol. I actually used to have a 1001 goals in 1001 days list that I kept track of, sorta like a long term bucket list (there's sites dedicated to it if you want to look it up). I had been thinking about revamping it and posting it...I think I just might! And who says you can't paint Remi's nails blue? Haha!

  2. Summer trip to Disney is on my list too. But I think we'll avoid the parks ( if that's possible for us) and enjoy ft wilderness. I just want to be there!



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