Monday, August 13, 2012

An Update

For my fellow ‘fans’!

I really hope I’m not jinxing this, but boy oh boy I’m so excited. We have been house hunting solid for about 7 months now. We’ve put in three contracts on two places. For some reason or another they didn’t work out. Two of those were on the same house. In the most recent offer we were outbid by another buyer. And that’s the last we heard of it. We’ve been having some serious talks and trying to make some decisions. Then last week David threw up a silent prayer asking to give us a sign on what we were supposed to do. Build? Buy old? Buy new? Big yard? Small yard? Location? What to do…what to do…

And wouldn’t you know, just a few hours later we got a call from our realtor out of the blue that the other contract is potentially falling through and were asked if we are still interested in the house.

Right then and there I told David, “there’s your sign, let’s do it!” So technically this is the third time this house has “come” back to us. As my Kimbo said, “third time’s a charm!”

So tonight after work we put in our final offer on the house. And hope they accept it. They have until Wednesday at 6:00 so by then we’ll either be under contract or broken hearted.

If the offer is accepted, I’ll share all about the house Smile I am so scared of jinxing it though that I’ll save it until we’re officially (hopefully) under contract.

I hope this is it. I would love to make this house our home!

Fingers and toes crossed!

PS- Thanks for missing me, I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule this week! Smile


  1. Yay! I'll be praying for you guys! God works in mysterious ways!

  2. So exciting!! I am praying for yall! I can't wait to hear more about the house!! :)

  3. I'll even keep my eyes crossed for you! :)

    Hope it works out!



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