Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh! Hi Dolphins!

So, last weekend, I went scalloping with my fam!

We went to St. Marks and had a great time. The weather was perfect, the water was calm, and the scallop were abundant. We limited out within a few hours and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, eating, and soaking up the sun. We had two other boats with us full of friends so we just boat hopped and enjoyed the beautiful day!


Chub in a bathingsuit. And flippers and gloves.


Tiny creatures.



Me and Momma.





Cole and his girlfriend Logan.



While we were tootling to our next spot to drop the anchor the other boat that was a little further ahead hollered for us to “Hurry Up! Get over here!” so we did. We were in for a treat because 4 dolphins were swimming all around the boat. It was pretty darn cool! They were so close and SO much bigger than you think a dolphin is, until you are that close to them. I would relate it to a beluga whale size-wise.


No zoom. Right next to the boat.


I also got a short video. So, so neat!



Sandbar party.

After a full day on the water and some chill time on the sand bar after everyone was done scalloping, we headed to Riverside Café for some sea grub. Or yard grub for those that got chicken.

Shrimp and oysters were on the menu for my Dad and I. Oh, and jalapeno poppers. When the waitress set them down, we both grabbed one. It felt warm but not hot, simultaneously bit down, and instantly blew fire/spewed the contents onto the table. At least I did. That dang pepper had to have been 400 degrees temperature hot. Actually I guess it was the cheese that was on fire. Molten lava cheese + suburnt lip = bad news. Owie!

But we had a fabulous day and then got to come home and clean 10 gallons worth of those snotty little boogers. I can’t wait to eat them now!

Thanks Dad (& Mom) for a wonderful day!


Oh and PS – In case you haven’t heard via Facebook, I signed up, actually mailed my form and check, for my first 5K! I can’t wait. It’s at the end of October. And I get to wear a costume! No backing out now!

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  1. Ok, so, is it sad that what intrigued me the most with this post is that Cole has a new girlfriend??! Why didn't you tell me?? There was a window of oppurtunity for me to snatch him up, because I know he likes married old ladies with toddlers!



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