Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Blog Bug Comes and Goes

First off, thanks so much to everyone’s sweet words in response to the Hopeful House News I shared yesterday! I am absolutely awful at not getting my hopes up, so as much as I try, I figure spreading the word a little never hurts if people want to send out a few prayers. This is the first time I’ve shared about a contract although we’ve put in several, and I think if this one doesn’t work out I’ll really be devastated. But ‘tis life. If it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for good news by 6:00 tomorrow!

Moving onward…I’m going to be all over in this post.


Let’s see what else. Oh! I found out yesterday that it was 100% confirmed I’ll be traveling to Davis, CA in September for work. This time last year I went to Portland, OR. I’ve also recently been to Biloxi, MS. Next year as long as travel budget allows, I’ll be heading to meetings in St. Paul, MN and San Antonio, TX. Boy oh boy the places I’m going! I have to admit, traveling for work is not as glamorous as I thought it was. However, it is pretty cool that if I’ve got to do it, I’m getting to go places I’ve never been. Planes, trains and automobiles!


A few weekends ago my Mom was at St. George Island with some of my family celebrating my Uncle Mike’s birthday. She tried to get me to come but I told her all week I couldn’t. I knew all along though I was going and I surprised her Saturday morning Smile I spent the day with everyone and stayed the night too. We had a great time and it was so good to just relax and do nothing. Oh, and I am still peeling from that trip!


I have the coolest chair ever.


Momma and I sippin’ on Miami Vices.


Dinner in Apalachicola.


Appetizer. Yum.


First time paddle boarding!


You know I own this, right? Winking smile


My little Moo is getting awfully big. She is growing like a weed. I can hardly pick her up anymore. And she’s somehow worked her way into sleeping in the bed. For good. Last night I woke up and she was snuggled up next to me, head on the pillow laying on her back spread eagle. She’s just so darn cute I can’t say no. I’m a pushover.



This past weekend we traveled to Auburn, AL for Nationals (softball). David’s team, Generations Church won the first two games by ten-run rule, and then lost the second two. We were out after that. Some friends of ours Jerrod and Alana rode with us so that made the 3.5 hour drive more fun. We did a heck of a lot of eating this weekend. Goodness gracious. It is one of my favorite things to do after all, but eating out 3 meals a day is not easy on your wallet. We had a really fun weekend though and squeezed in some shopping here and there.

We also stopped by Auburn’s stadium.



I was so adamant about keeping up with my C25K program while I was out of town that I was sure to pack everything I’d need to exercise…except I forgot my tennishoes. Really? Well, what’s a girl with a shoe shopping problem to do? Buy new ones of course!


And I know I already shared on Facebook and Instagram, but for my Dad who I know doesn’t have either of those, I have to tell you that I actually used the hotel gym! First time in my life. I was determined not to skip my run day. And I did it! Smile Starting Week 5 today!

IMG_7464  IMG_7465

I’m but a blur.


I also picked up a few goodies from TJ Maxx.


Oh, and you know how a while back I got a Shellac manicure? Well, come to think of it you probably don’t because you read it once and forget it. But anywho, I LOVED it. I’ve been lusting after my own kit but knew they were expensive and didn’t know what kind I even needed and didn’t want to do the research. Well, my sweet friend Courtney texted me last week and told me I’d love the Red Carpet Manicure kit. It’s a Shellac kit with an LED light. I intended to try and find it online but got lucky in Auburn because there was an ULTA store that carried the kit! It was $80, not cheap, however, with the Shellac manicures going for $25-$35 a pop, just a few at home manicures with my kit will pay for itself. I just ripped off my acrylics so I’m letting my nails breathe for a little bit before I try it out!


And by breathe I mean not put gel on them. They are not safe from polish which was evident from my picture this morning of my “ring finger blinged nail” ;-)



Alana & Jerrod, our partners in eating crime all weekend. Alana is who cuts my hair. She is literally one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I am so glad we got to spend lots of time with her and her other half this weekend!

IMG_7460  IMG_7459

I forgot to mention, it rained off and on through the first two games. Fun fun!


Before we went out of town last weekend I gave my shower a much overdue cleaning. I found a homemade concoction on Pinterest of Vinegar and Blue Dawn Dish Soap. I mixed it up, started spraying, and then Holy Fumes Batman! It worked pretty good, but man I could hardly breathe. So I did what anyone would do. Pull out the big guns.


I got this respirator from a discard pile because they are no longer up to code. I mainly grabbed it for a mad scientist Halloween costume or to spray paint with, but it came in very handy for the cleaning fumes too!


After a long year of waiting, I was finally able to donate blood again. Remember I got my tattoo in July 2011 so I’ve been waiting impatiently ever since to be back on the donor list. Yippee for saving lives!



And lastly, Moosey Goosey has found her a new sleeping spot. Oh lordy. Poor David. Suffocatin’ and all.


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