Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remington’s Third Birthday!

From now on I’ll just skip over the “I’ve been a slack blogger jargon” and jump right in as if I haven’t missed a beat. Mmk? Mmk.

Today is Remi’s birthday.

This makes me sad. I can’t believe how fast three years have gone by. Yes, most of you are thinking, “it’s just a dog”. Well, like I said in this post, Remi is more than a dog. He’s my family.

But I’ll try and keep this light and celebrate my sweet pup.


IMG_7681  IMG_7683

We did a little shopping at Petsmart. With the big kid only because it’s his day! Moose stayed home.

IMG_7687 IMG_7689 

Then we got him some doggy frozen yogurt. He thoroughly enjoyed it!


There’s almost butt crack in this shot. Don’t look. Except I pointed it out so now I’m sure you’re going to look. My bad.


Brand new baby.

We love you Rem!


  1. I love his big puppy dog eyes in the first... like "geeze mom"!!! Happy birthday Remi :)

  2. Happy Birthday Remi!!!

    I can't believe he is already three, I feel like he was just a puppy LOL :)

  3. Looks like a momma's boy in that 1st pic



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