Monday, August 27, 2012

House News (Or Lack Thereof)

Everyone has been so sweet in keeping up and asking about how things are going on the house hunt, so I figured I owe y’all an update.

The house I posted about recently that we put an offer in on, did not go through. Very long story short, we didn’t get it. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

After that, we were really gung-ho, just not sure which direction to be gung-ho about. Look harder? Or stop looking, give ourselves a break, and allow some time for new stuff to come up on the market? Well, we went with the former. The week that followed we went and looked at 4 houses in one night. There was one I liked a lot and it had a pool, but they were asking a lot of money for it and it still needed quite a bit of updating. The living room was livable, but very small for such a big house.

So we passed on it.

We are keeping our eye out for every option, including possibly building. I am most excited about this option, although it stresses me out to think about. But oh the planning, and picking colors and finishes, it’d be so exciting!

You know I’ll share once we got something in stone, but for now we’re just floating around in house land hoping to land on something soon. Especially with all this talk of rates going up after the election, that’s even more of an incentive to get the ball rolling one way or another.

Fingers crossed it happens soon! For our sanity.

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  1. I vote for building :) People told us...if u can make it through building a house... We were pregnant, living with my parents and building a house at the same time, we enjoyed it. Lived at Lowes during that time, they knew us by name and vice versa :)



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