Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Vacation 2013

Christmas this year was great. The night I got back from TN I went home, kissed my husband and pooches and then we hopped in the car to go out to eat for Mom’s birthday! She’s a Christmas Eve baby and we always celebrate with Mexican.

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We got home late that night and I set to pack my stuff in the camper because we were taking it for it’s maiden voyage all the way across town to stay at my parents for the week.

Christmas morning we got up, loaded the pooches and we were off!

We parked that baby in the yard and had Christmas with my family.

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We had such a great time staying over there. Big Momma and Grampy came in Christmas Day and I am so happy we got to be there to hang out. Even though some folks had to work most of the days!

Photo 23

Cole getting towed in by Dad. Whoopsie

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David and I did manage a few days off from work. We hung out with the fam and played some croquet!

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Of course Christmas isn’t complete without not one, but two ice cream runs by Grammy to Publix. Everyone gets their own flavor. That woman is something else. I love her dearly!

Photo 2

There was entirely too much eating done that week but with Grammy in town, it’s inevitable. She is a fabulous cook! She made her famous ronies (macaroni). It’s made up of rigatoni noodles and about 8 gazillion different types of gourmet cheese. It’s Heaven in your mouth. You can’t stop and you won’t stop eating them! Of course there is some major cheese shredding involved. Those ronies are made with love!

Photo 13

We made a trip to Bradley’s Country Store on Sunday and enjoyed a sausage dog, coke from a bottle, some front porch sittin’, and a freaking beautiful day.

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Sunday night we played our family’s annual “Game Gift” aka White Elephant. It’s always a good time and only until recent years are the ‘kids’ allowed to play. We had 15 participating this year. Lots of fun!

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Back porch fires.

Photo 6Photo 18Photo 21Photo 15

Fun at the Weekley/Woods fire.

New Year’s Eve was spent by the bon fire eating chili. We rang in the stroke of midnight with horns a blowin’!

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Big dawg.

Photo 34Photo 35 Photo 36 

Dad liked my hat.

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Photo 24

It was a fabulous Christmas Vacation and I’m so thankful for time spent with family. Here’s to 2014!

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