Sunday, January 26, 2014

House Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I shared any new house stuff. I’ve been in a project drought lately because of the holidays and not having extra time on my hands. However I’ve been itching to do something soon I just haven’t decided what yet. David is shaking in his boots. He just loves my projects! *drips with sarcasm*

Anywho! Here are two things I haven’t shared officially on the blog and figured it was way past due. I’ve also updated the Tour Our Home page.

I painted our bedroom Martha Stewart’s Seal several months ago. I’ll refresh your memory with some before pictures.  TLG_5986 copy



I shared the new color on Instagram.     1184797_10103519151039953_1642914349_n   1233502_10103518025804933_559119936_n

Then I tried to take nice pictures for the blog and I noticed something. I did a really shoddy job on the painting. Y’all. I tried to ignore it and chalk it up to the lighting, but there were roller marks all over the wall. I also only did one coat. It needed another. I put everything back and figured I’d live with it and wouldn’t tell David (ha!). Until we were lying in bed one Saturday morning and the sun hit it. And he saw my hack job! I tried to convince him it was his eyes. He didn’t buy it.

Fast forward a few months later and David told me if I didn’t fix the wall I wasn’t allowed to do anything new. It was the first thing I’ve done that he wasn’t happy with. Because I did a half moon pie job. Womp-womp. Understandable. But really? That meant I had to drag everything back out and repaint. I groaned and complained but I fixed it. At least as best I could. I can still see strokes but honestly our drywall sucks too so I’m blaming it on that.

Behold, our dark moody bedroom!




I debated painting over the stencil wall. I really did. Then some folks talked me off the ledge and I figured it’d match enough to not cover up the 48 hours worth of work I put into that darn wall. Yet anyway.

Okay on to the next!

The laundry room.


Before (above), it was functional and pretty.

Then I decided I needed a workspace. And a TV. But the TV didn’t make it. I might actually enjoy emptying and folding the clothes from the dryer if I had one. Hint hint Hubbin!

I took pictures of this transformation but have somehow lost/deleted them. So all you get is an after!

I Googled and Pinterested inexpensive workspace ideas and lo and behold someone smarter than me suggested a $30 hollow door from Lowes. Ding ding ding!

I bought a door and took it to my Dad’s shop to have him help me shorten it a tad.

Then I painted it and shoved it in the space. I separated the washer and dryer first though and made room for a trash can between.


I tried removing that dingy little shelf on the side of the cabinet but it was going to leave a mess to patch up and paint behind so I left it. It makes a nice change collector holder (I’m up to 13 cents!) and a lamp (that’s cute but really not needed).


           I liked the idea of having a curtain and found a pretty shower curtain at Target. I cut it in half and hemmed it to the perfect height. I’ve only done one side so far but I plan to add the other panel so it has more of a ruffled look.

               I love having one big workspace. Unfortunately though it didn’t come with any magic powers that make me want to do laundry.

Oh well!


  1. Looks fantastic!! My laundry room could really use a shelf like that, but our washer is top-loading, so...unless I never want to actually use it, that's a no-go. :) That curtain is awesome, though! And I love the dark walls in the bedroom and am REALLY glad you didn't paint over the stencil. It is so awesome!

  2. That looks amazing! Feel free to come decorate my house anytime ;)



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