Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tennessee Trip

Huge post ahead!

December 20-24 was spent in Pigeon Forge, TN. Sometime in September the idea started being tossed around to go to the mountains for Christmas. Next thing we knew, we had a cabin booked in Pigeon Forge. My brother’s girlfriend Logan knew someone who owned it so we were able to rent it from her. Our crew consisted of Mom, Dad, Cole, Logan and myself. David didn’t join us this trip. Boo!

We left Friday the 20th and drove the 8+ hours to TN. It was a tight squeeze with the 5 of us in my Dad’s truck but we made it!

Photo 3Photo 1

Cute travel attire optional.

The cabin was called ‘Awesome View’ and it lived up to its name. We overlooked Pigeon Forge and loved getting to see the lights at night.   Photo 46Photo 4TGJ_8346TGJ_8559TGJ_8561TGJ_8562TGJ_8558

The house across the street looked like it was going to just topple over!

TGJ_8341Photo 5Photo 45

I was on vacation but that didn’t mean I was off from the ‘gym’! I made use of my surroundings!

Saturday was spent exploring Cade’s Cove. It’s basically a couple hours tour through the Great Smoky Mountains. We went on a short hike and ended up getting to see a bear tucked up on a hill!

Photo 44TGJ_8208TGJ_8215TGJ_8231TGJ_8245TGJ_8249Photo 37TGJ_8253TGJ_8263TGJ_8274TGJ_8277TGJ_8289TGJ_8293TGJ_8296TGJ_8306TGJ_8309TGJ_8311

No zoom on these deer. They were that close to the truck!


It was so beautiful in the valley. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We ate lunch at the Pottery House and it was sooo yummy!

Photo 9

Photo 6

Photo 43

Photo 7

We hung out at the cabin that night and had some fun games of foosball.

TGJ_8327TGJ_8330TGJ_8333TGJ_8334TGJ_8348TGJ_8350Photo 8Photo 12Photo 11

Sunday we got up and tried to figure out what to do because it was rainy and yucky out. We trekked over to Sevierville Bass Pro so Cole could buy a head strap for his Go Pro camera, which he’d be needing for skiing the next day. Our original plans were to go hang out at WonderWorks for a lack of a better idea, but after stopping by the information center for the National Park, we decided to go exploring instead. This was way more Dad’s speed (he loathes amusement parks/crowds) and I’m so glad he wanted to go because IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY.



In order to get to the Smoky Mountain National Park we had to drive through Gatlinburg. Such a cute quaint little town. Much better than downtown Pigeon Forge, which was like the Panama City strip. Too many lights and arcades.

Photo 13Photo 14Photo 15Photo 18TGJ_8369TGJ_8372TGJ_8377TGJ_8382TGJ_8397TGJ_8407.1TGJ_8407TGJ_8409TGJ_8414TGJ_8417TGJ_8421TGJ_8441

We had so much fun driving through the park. We saw wild life, raging rivers, and got to stand in two states at once. You know, just your average Sunday activities!


TGJ_8451TGJ_8455TGJ_8460TGJ_8457 TGJ_8465TGJ_8469TGJ_8472TGJ_8473TGJ_8502

Once we got to the top of the peak, it was time for a snack break. Boiled peanuts, cheese, crackers and meats were on the menu. Yum-o! Oh, by the way, it had been unseasonably warm up until this point in the trip. Mid 60s was the typical high the previous days. It still was about the same on this day however when we got up the mountain, it finally dropped into the lowers 40s, upper 30s. It was soo cold but it was about time! Who wants to go on a mountain Christmas trip and it be warm? Yuck.

It drizzled off and on all day but it didn’t stop us. We forged on!

We spent the afternoon/early evening wandering around Gatlinburg.

TGJ_8509TGJ_8513TGJ_8514 TGJ_8515TGJ_8516TGJ_8525TGJ_8526TGJ_8528TGJ_8533TGJ_8537 TGJ_8540TGJ_8541TGJ_8544TGJ_8545TGJ_8547TGJ_8549TGJ_8550TGJ_8553TGJ_8554TGJ_8555

Monday was our last day and the one we saved for skiing since it was supposed to finally be cold. And cold it was! We drove to Ober Gatlingburg to ski. It was a high tourist place with blown snow because it wasn’t cold enough for the real stuff, but we still had an absolute blast. It misted nearly all day and was in the mid-30s but we just pretended it was snow and made the best of it!

Photo 17

Photo 19Photo 20Photo 21Photo 22Photo 23

Photo 24 Photo 25

Photo 26Photo 28 Photo 29

Photo 30

Photo 31 Photo 32Photo 33Photo 35

Photo 36 Photo 38

Go Pro wearers!

Photo 40

Cole wore his Go Pro camera for most of the day and my Dad and I took turns wearing it too. He compiled a great video of clips from the day but at 21 minutes long, it had to be posted to YouTube. If you want to watch some hilarious falls and goobers on skis, check it out!

Gray Christmas Vacation // Skiing at Oberlin Gatlinburg

I am proud to say I was the only one who didn’t fall all day! For only my second time skiing I did pretty darn good!

I had so much fun and I really want to go skiing again soon. Maybe next winter. Who knows!

Monday night we went out with a bang with Dad treating us to dinner at a restaurant called Bullfish. It was absolutely delicious. I had a salmon and avocado salad (don’t be fooled…I didn’t eat healthy at all the other part of the trip) and it was divine as well!

Photo 41

Photo 39

Oh and how about a perfect ending of a little snow flurries? Barely!

Photo 42

Thanks Dad for chauffeuring us around the whole trip and Mom for footing the gas! I had so much fun and loved making the memories!

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  1. Wooo!! I love Gatlinburg-- my family has had a cabin there since the 50s (obviously I didn't get in on the action til the '80s, but I've enjoyed it since then)! Seeing your pictures was like catching a glimpse of 'home.' PS. For the record, I've spent practically the last 24 hours (except the hours I was sleeping) reading the entire archives of your blog. So now I'm all caught up on your life and we can be even better Instagram besties and now I'll stay current on your blog, too, so we can be blog besties as well. Just FYI! ;)



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