Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five


     1. Obsessing over Starbucks Iced Hazelnut Coffee with cream. It’s ridiculously low in calories (for a yummy drink) and cheaper than my beloved fraps. Thanks to a friend for sharing!

2. Loving my new January background wallpaper. A while ago Kate shared about Smashing Magazine Wallpaper. Every month they come out with a new batch of high-res widescreen cute wallpapers and I enjoy picking a new one. I really love this month’s though so it might get to hang out for a little while in February. So cute!

3. Looking forward to Bunko tonight! I really do love to play, eat yummy food (let’s be honest), and hang out with some of my favorite people!

4. Feeling extra pumped about the gym. I’ve only got 5 months until the first official family beach trip of the year. That means 5 months to kick it into high gear in the gym. I have been working hard(er) since the beginning of the year and I hope I can keep it up!

5. Proud to be a Seminole! In case you are living under a rock and hadn’t heard the Florida State Seminoles are the 2013 BCS National Champs and it feels so good! Things weren’t looking too hot for a while though so I had to entertain us while we waited for the situation to get better. Luckily it did. Must have been my special dance moves and that implanted donk!


  1. I'm going t have to try the coffee at Starbucks. I ALWAYS get the loaded in sugar and loaded in calories drinks. Thanks for the tip! Girl, I wish I had your arms. Mine are so flabby looking right now. Ugh. I just started back to the gym this week.

    happy friday!


  2. How many calories is that drink? And how can you drink something COLD on a week like this!?



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