Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cricut Corner

It's Sunday night, and tomorrow is back to work. Boo!

I've had a wonderful break and really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with my family. I am truly blessed/lucky/loved to have them. I love you all!

The last of the family left today. It's always sad but somewhat good to be "back to the routine".

Anywho, today besides laundry, I setup my cricut corner in my craft room. I put away the scrapbooking stuff for now, and transformed it. It's so nice to have everything setup because all my crafting so far has been done at my parents during the time off.

I also got a ribbon holder with my gift card to Michael's, so I got that hung too. I've got room for my transfer paper and ribbons too. I love it!

OHHH!! I almost forgot, you may have already seen a picture, but on Thursday, I was on the way to show some family our house and I got a flat tire:( On Thomasville road. I mean, super flat driving on the rim. Found later there was a pretty good size hole in the tire and we had to buy a new one and it cost a small fortune. Thank goodness my Uncle Donny was following me to the house though because I had never changed a tire before. I have to say I'm confident I would have figured it out, but he was there to save me a lot of time. So thank you again Uncle Donny for saving the day!! Jacking up the car to take off the flat
Every car needs a doughnut tire. They're super cool!

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