Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not much going on around these parts lately.

I haven't even had time to fart at work. Wait, I'm sorry that's unlady-like. I haven't even had time to flatulate.

I am guessing people are getting on the ball with the new year and I tell you what, I have NEVER been this busy before in my life at work. Several times in the past few days I have actually considered walking out of the place. I've been so overwhelmed I have been having hot flashes and my face turns all red because I'm so frustrated! I'm talking phone rings, while on the phone a call beeps in, they leave a message, while I'm checking the message an email comes through, while I'm responding to the email the phone rings, while I'm tagging the email so I don't forget, another email comes through, all the while making a list three pages long of all the "to-dos". As soon as I scratch off something, the phone rings again, or wait, it's another email. Lawd have mercy! I know I like being busy more so than bored, but this busy is just too busy. Yeah, I'm complaining. I should just be thankful I have a job. My bad.

Anywho-zee-whats-it, I got my bangs cut last night. Like I had mentioned a loooong time ago on this little bloggy blog blog of mine that I'd thought about getting them cut. I am loving my new look but have yet to get a "real" picture yet. A few cruddy myspace style phone pictures will have to suffice.
Whatcha think? This is the image I brought to the hairstylist:
I think she did a great job! Thanks Tara @ Haute Headz, even though you definitely don't read my blog.

I've also been making a few cricut goodies but I can't share yet what they are :)

My fur child is whining at me because I'm not paying him any attention, so ta ta for now!

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  1. FEEL YA on the busy at work!!! So thankful for the weekend. New hair/bangs look good on you. I couldn't pull them off but with your long hair and the bangs you look like a little superstar ;) SOOOOO excited to craft with you ladies tomorrow! :)



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