Thursday, January 27, 2011

Word of the Day: Motivated

It’s no secret, in fact it’s quite obvious. I’m not as “in shape” as I used to be. What is considered “in shape” anyway? I mean round is a shape. Rectangle is a shape. Giant blobs are shapes. Not that I was ever actually in shape to begin with, but I had more of an acceptable pear shape going on instead of my current state of shape…which is “OUT OF”.

David loves to remind me that I’m not as small as I used to be. Thanks babe.

Over Christmas my Grampy told me in regards to Big Momma and her lovely assets, that “there’s acres and acres of it and it’s all mine!”. LOVE that! If only David had the same opinion.


P90X was a dud. I mean seriously, I was over it about after the first week. I’m just not into it and apparently it wasn’t into me. We didn’t click.

It’s time for change. I am down to 3 pairs of jeans that I can wear, but by no means “fit”. It’s a denim wrestle every morning and I pray that the seams won’t bust (again) because that would leave me with only 2 pair. And I have lots of pairs, some that are my very favorites, it just appears they’ve shrunk tremendously. Amazing how that happens, huh?

We are going to New York very soon and I’ve decided I don’t want to be the largest and in chargest on the trip. All the other menfolks wives/girlfriends are petite and beautiful, and well petite is just not a word used to describe me. I mean it’s been a while since we’ve seen our friends and I don’t want them to notice right away that I’ve grown a few sizes since they last saw me! Not to mention too we’ll be walking A LOT and I need to start building stamina so I’m not wheezing after a block and groping for the nearest hot dog stand for a large coke and a wiener as an energy boost.

So what am I doing to fix it? I’m on a strict 250 calorie a day intake based on a liquid only diet, with an occasional 1” piece of celery thrown in for a treat. Oh and I plan to run 14 miles a day.

Me?! 250 a day?! HAHAH!! As if!!

No but really, today I started. I don’t expect to be much smaller by the time we go, because I’ve been procrastinating too long for those types of effects that fast. But I do hope to drop a few lbs. and start getting a little healthier.

Instead of my Chex Chocolate Bar for breakfast or Breyer’s M&M yogurt, I had a Nature Valley Peanut Butter granola thin square. So good! Thanks for gifting them to me Big Momma!

Usually I snack all morning and afternoon on junk food, and eat a big lunch with a coke. Horrible, I know. Hence the way I am.

Today I tried to drink lots and lots of water. As of the time I left work, I drank 72 oz. of water (9 servings) and I had a Clementine for an afternoon snack.

I ate two (I know I only needed one) Whole Grain Lean Pockets for lunch.

Every day on my break I am known as “the girl who sits in the hall and reads her book while everyone else is walking”. Well today, I was the girl trekking around outside for two 15-20 minute intervals. I ran up 6 stories worth of stairs, and jammed out to my ipod.

I also found this great free app for the iPhone called, MyNetDiary. It is very helpful. I can put in all the foods I’ve eaten (it tells me how many calories I consumed), all the exercise I’ve done (it tells me how many calories I burned), take before and after pictures, tells me how many calories I have left to eat that day (based on my goal I entered when I signed up), how many servings of water I’ve had that day and much, much more.

The real test of will power will be dinner. Y’all, I like to eat. No, I LIVE to eat. So this is hard for me. I’m afraid I will blow it all at dinner with 3 helpings of it, but I will try my best. And even if I do eat a little more than I should, at least I’m not doing that AND all the other bad stuff I would have eaten throughout the day.

David and I have a running date tonight…hope I don’t die of extreme over exertion.

Happy (almost) Friday!

PS- If you missed it, see below for the fun Hot-Lanta post!


  1. OK, honey....lets run together! I love the trails out in Forest Meadows, which is on your way home. We both get off at 5 and we could be there by 5:30 leaving enough time to run before it gets dark...what do you say?

    PLEASE,,,,I need a partner!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good luck in getting back "into shape"!! BTW- you are gorgeous regardless, shame on David, haha!

    I can't wait to start running again (it's to dern cold here in Oklahoma for that), hope you can stick with it. For granola bars/cereal bars, I find that Kashi stuff is Umazing!! Keep us posted :)



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